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Saturday, 1 September 2007

Walking in Palestinian Shoes

All it would take is one day for Israelis to live in Palestinian shoes, to experience the demolition of their home, the assassination of their son or the imprisonment of their daughter, for them to realize that this is no way to treat another people.

Many times, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict deserves lengthy and deep analyses. There are historical, cultural, political and religious considerations that need to be picked apart before reaching some sort of theory as to why this tiny slice of earth is so tormented.

Then there are those times when a simple glance at the obvious is enough to clarify the complete injustice of the Israeli occupation. This is not even about the more significant issues such as political assassinations, home demolitions, prisoners or military operations that claim scores of lives. No, this is about everyday matters, most often taken for granted, which when one takes a moment to contemplate, show just how sinister a military occupation can be. More