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Friday, 31 August 2007

Zionist Role in Armenian Genocide

All along the Armenian genocide has been shrouded in darkness, and now we begin to glimpse the reason. It seems that krypto-Jews such as Judeo-Bolsheviks working with Ataturk engineered the isolation of Turkey by the invention of a new Turkic language for its people, the illegalization of 2,000 years of Aramaic as the official language, and finally the marginalization and killing of the Armenians. Today, the City of Watertown voted to have an official Armenian Genocide Day, and the ADL screamed bloody murder. They claimed that genocide was an Israeli concept and that to share it with Armenians would be wrong. What the ADL never mentioned was how their Jewish relatives created and finished the Armenian Genocide in order to help control Turkey so that Israel could form.

Headlines in Today's video include among others:

| Bodies of Last 2 Missing Romanov Children Who Were Shot and Burned in Acid by Immoral, Heartless Jewish Red Commissars Found Near Yekaterinberg | Rothschild-Related German Banks Pulling Out of Iran in Support of U.S. Israel Terror Empire | Zionist Nazis in Jerusalem Burn Controversial Crematorium After Its Location Is Revealed in Jewish Newspaper | New Surge Report Paints Grim Picture, Iraq's Total Destruction May Be Good News for the Israeli Terror State's Regional Ambitions | Israel Hires Slick Wall Street Firm to Push Positive Propaganda Spin About Israel's Friendship with America on Eve of Book Publication Dissing Israel's Effect on American Foreign Policy | Jewish Lobby Viciously Threatens Economic Lifelines to Colleges and Universities if they Allow Discussions of the Upcoming Book on Israel's Negative Effect on America | Turks in ADL-Israel Squabble over Armenian Genocide, Pulls Plug on Jewish PR Firm | Jewish Newspaper Produces Obvious and Gross Revisionist History for Studies of Same in Recent Article Apologizing for Israeli Terrorism | Selfish and Boneheaded Jewish Bigotry Reflected in the Turkish Holocaust Canard | Damaging Freedom of Speech by Zionists: Vile Anti-American Jewish Intellectual Terrorists Attempt to Kill Publicity of Walt-Meirsheimer's New Anti-Zionist Lobby Book |