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Monday, 5 January 2009

Zionist Israel Is Run By Terrorists

War Is Not Peace

"What happpened to putting people on trial?" That was when there were real judges and an actual Department of Justice that wasn't in the pockets of those that have committed these war-crimes and crimes against humanity.

Since Bush refused to allow the USA to be a signatory to the International court (to protect himself and his flunkies) from criminal prosecution - there is no impartial court of law that will hear this case. And when there is no law then there is still vigilante justice. It's called 'consequences' for what they have been responsible for.

As for the difference between ordinary Germans and Nazis - that was only a political distinction, German soldiers were acting on orders handed down by the leader of the Nazi party - and had to bear the consequences for their actions, because those orders were in violation of the German Consitution that was very similar to ours before Hitler, like Bush, made their laws meaningless.

To quibble over the details of facts that were kept from the American public, supposedly in the interests of national security - when the truth was that the entire war in Iraq was totally without any foundation; bolstered by lies and twisted facts that served only to get us into that war: knowing full well that we had no exit strategy because we never had any plans to leave; only compounded the depth of this deception and the degree of the treachery that they were willing to add to being traitors to this nation.

The fact that they knowingly have sent hundreds of thousands of US troops into harms way, solely to benefit a bunch of criminal corporate interests that had nothing to do with US national security: When in fact what they actually did has PROVEN TO HAVE BEEN an action designed to undermine -not just this country - but was meant to forever destroy our government and the people of the United States.

In this process they have sold our voices to a gang of lawless fascists in their criminal-fight to subdue the rightful owners of the land that the Zionists have stolen for themselves - that is why the missiles are still flying into Israel - and those attacks were triggered by Israel's violations of the cease fire - which was undertaken to create another justification for yet another pre-emptive strike upon a nearly defenseless civilian population.

As this is being written a million and half people are facing extermination to gratify the infantile fear that the Israeli military suffers from being thought to be the cowards that they clearly are. Their military is nothing but a bunch testosterone-hyped adolescents with only the courage of the mob in their veins driven by a blind hatred of the people they refer to as "cockroaches."

That so-called state of Zionist-Israel is run by terrorists, born and bred, to hate, to envy, and to covet that which has never been theirs: Those human fallacies need to excoriated from that region - beginning with the IDF and all it's brother organizations; which inculdes the USA at the top of that list!

Murdering thousands of civilians does not make any nation's military a "feared" fighting force: Rather it marks the Zionists and the cowboys running US policy for the cowardly knuckle-draggers that they have always been, while they hide behind the blood-stained skirts of the whore that the USA has become.

If these crimes are not something that warrants consequences - then tell me what does...

By Kirwan