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Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Zionists block fire trucks from reaching synagogue blaze: Big Media ignores story

Update to NY Neturei Karta synagogue burned by Zionists
Curiously enough, besides the local news reporters, no one mentions anything about the people that where blocking and keeping the fire truck to get to the synagogue as it was ablaze. As a result, most of the building was engulfed by the time they managed to get there. Monsey Rabbi Dovid Weiss screamed arson as investigators had yet to begin their probe. Neturei Karta's local leader, Weiss, blamed pro-Israel Zionists for setting a fire that has yet to be ruled arson. The sheriff and Ramapo police are investigating.

To call Neturei Karta a fringe group among the Hasidim is a little too gentle. Neturei Karta is generally despised among Jewish groups.