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Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Enemies Of Free Speech Launch 'Stop Rosie' Website Petition

Because they can't debate us on the facts, Neo-Con bootlickers use mob intimidation tactics to shut down free speech

Anti-American enemies of free speech have launched an official campaign to have Rosie O'Donnell fired for asking questions about 9/11 and the Iranian hostage crisis, setting up a website and a farcical poll - a sizable portion of whose signatories consist of fake names and joke entries.

"We would like to make it very clear that we support Miss O’Donnell’s right to say whatever she deems appropriate. This is a free country and she has the right of free speech. We are not demanding that government or Disney-ABC censor anything she, or anyone else, says, " states the website, obviously worried that if Rosie were to be fired, legal consequences would inevitably follow.

But the website labels itself in its own banner graphic as "the online petition to get Rosie off the air," so what else can be deduced other than the fact that this is a blatant attempt to intimidate ABC bosses into dropping the axe on O'Donnell's continued presence on The View?

The website is seemingly connected to Neo-Con ideologue Michele Malkin, a Bill O'Reilly trough feeder and an individual who devoted an entire book to argue that that American Muslims should be put in concentration camps. Malkin's acolytes have been caught in the past sending white powder in an attempt to intimidate media personalities like Keith Olbermann.