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Friday, 23 February 2007

The Goebels principle

The late Dr Josef Goebels had a principle which has won itself many followers. It was that if one tells a lie often enough and loud enough the public will, through ignorance and/or laziness, come to believe it. Among its most ardent disciples are the propagandists who work for the Neocons and their Zionist masters.

As anyone with any sense of justice knows, Zionism is a plan to ensure the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and parts of neighbouring countries to leave space which can be filled with Zionist Ashkenazim (with a tiny sprinkling of Jews of genetic Abrahamic descent) who will then take over the lands and homes of the departed Palestinians (whether these latter are killed or are forcibly removed). The great lie is that the native Palestinians are mere squatters on the lands and in the homes of their families for millennia and that the Ashkenazim (the descendants of Caucasian tribes who many centuries ago converted to Judaism rather than to either Christianity or Islam) are entitled to steal and occupy the said homes and lands, although they have no other historic link with Palestine and the neighbouring territories.