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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Divide and Conquer - The Rothschilds' Gypsy Strategy

Hungarian Harbinger?

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Apart from Freemasons, and other agents of imperialism, the Rothschilds use their fellow Jews to realize their world government tyranny. And when anti-Semitism results, as it has in Hungary, their strategy is to manufacture an enemy to combat the "anti-Semites", in other words, divide-and-conquer.

In Hungary, Rothschild agents are inflaming the one-to-two million-strong Gypsy minority against Hungarians. It is a strategy that patriotic Americans, Canadians and Europeans should be aware of. In the future, Illegal immigrants might play the role of Gypsies.

Rothschild-controlled media in Hungary and worldwide is headlining "a wave of violence" against the Gypsies (or "Roma.") There have been six murders in nine attacks over the past year. These have been blamed on the Nationalist "Jobbik" Party who vehemently deny involvement. They maintain that a foreign-based secret police organization is using the violence to turn Gypsies against Hungarians.

Hungarians point to Gypsy violence against Hungarians. A teacher was beaten to death in front of his two children by a group of Gypsies- he was dragged out of his car and kicked in the head 22 times; an eighty-year old lady was raped, mutilated and her body thrown into the sewer; a 14-year old girl raped and murdered; her friend robbed; a teacher beaten up at class.

The Hungarians say the Gypsies have organized powerful criminal gangs indirectly supported by the Rothschild-owned European Union. The police and the courts are not allowed to prosecute these gangs which don`t even exist officially. They not only control prostitution and the drug markets but also constantly rob and murder even poor Hungarians. The police have their hands tied by politicians who take their orders from the EU.

Nationalists believe Rothschild globalists recently murdered Gypsy children in order to convince Gypsies they are in constant danger from the locals. Ironically, these kinds of organized false flag attacks (pogroms) is how the Illuminati bankers got Jews to work for them in the first place.


Nationalists believe globalists have another motive: to recruit Gypsies into a NATO army.

There are 15 million Gypsies in total in Europe. In order to make them join the big army, they must see the international political organizations (EU, UN, NATO) and the various Rockefeller and Soros-like globalist civil organizations as their friends.

Any Hungarian patriotic writing, speech, blog or organization is used by the globalists to trigger fear and hate amongst the Gypsies.

Hungarian prison populations are 90% Gypsy but they don`t care since they are released quickly. Jail is a proof of manhood for them, Hungarians say.

Hungary is a country where almost everything (politics, economy, media, entertainment, several hundred religious sects and private foundations of every sort) are in the hands of the Rothschild globalists and what is left, in the hands of Israeli Zionists.


Hungary is bankrupt and the only thing that still works is taxation. The situation in the Hungarian countryside is similar to South Africa: no public security, no jobs, penniless local governments, very low wages for those who still have a job, Swiss-level consumer prices and one of the most unrealistically high taxation systems in the world, while state services (security, health, education, etc.) are close to nil. Some Nationalists say that a civil war could break out in the coming months.

Although Hungary is a country of only 10 million people, 14 cities have been selected for "logistical NATO bases." These bases follow the internal administrative limits of the country instead of occupying geo-strategical positions as did Soviet bases. They will be used to train new NATO soldiers, including several hundred thousand young jobless Hungarian Gypsies, the only group which the NATO can enlist in Hungary.

With all Central-European Gypsies, NATO can count on cannon-fodder of at least one million and in 2012-2013, it may be ready to attack Russia.


Closer to home, we see this divide-and-conquer strategy at work in feminism (divide women against men); diversity (promotion of homosexuality, affirmative action) and multiculturalism (immigration, mass migrations, illegals.) If resistance to world government grows, look for violent attacks against these minorities to inflame divisions and distract attention from the real enemy.

The same applies on a global scale. I believe the Illuminati bankers control Russia, China and Iran. They organize and finance the Taliban and the war on terror. You need good guys and bad guys to distract, divide, persecute and control, the unenlightened.