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Friday, 7 August 2009

Why Do You Submit to the People Who Rule You?

These are the people who rule you, and they are carrying out their “donor maintenance.” Political donors are the people who buy politicians so they can have a piece of your pie redistributed to them through the application of a cascade of unconstitutional decrees.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi moves in a rarefied world of high society and high-level politics — and nothing underscores that fact quite like her plans for the August recess.

Pelosi will spend next weekend quietly tending to top party donors and political allies at a series of private events in Northern California.

The two-day “issues conference” starts next Friday night with a dinner for roughly 170 guests on the back lawn of Pelosi’s multimillion-dollar home in the fashionable Pacific Heights neighborhood in San Francisco.

The following day, Pelosi will shepherd her guests to a Napa Valley winery with buildings designed by world-famous architect Frank Gehry; the speaker and her husband, investor Paul Pelosi, own a nearby vineyard worth between $5 million and $25 million, according to her annual financial disclosure report.

…To be invited, one must have raised money for the DCCC, been a longtime friend of Pelosi’s or contributed $30,4000 to the DCCC this cycle. The maximum an individual may give to a national party committee in any one year.

A donation to the DCCC of that size qualifies a donor to be part of the “Speaker’s Cabinet,” a fundraising program that gives supporters expanded access to Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi, a multi-millionaire, is destroying your life and freedom through her control of the governing body that lords it over all of us. Powerful and wealthy people are not buying access to this wrinkled, old hag because they like her or the Democrats. They do so because they get special favors and access to the redistribution booty at the expense of you, the middle-class wage earner or entrepreneur. Politics is coercion, and still, no matter how much people learn about the establishment and its reason for existence, they sanction it. They sanction it each time they concede to the government’s arbitrary decrees and go along with its mandates. And especially, the masses consent to total control and tyranny each time they vote for any one of these swines.

When the economy tanks and inflation runs rampant, forcing Mom and Pop into food lines and unemployment lines, begging for tidbits, Mrs. Pelosi will be comfortably ensconced behind the walls of her California mansion, complete with servants, crystal, and fine wine. When Mr. and Mrs. Middle Class are lying in an overcrowded, musty, appalling medical clinic somewhere, being ignored for days under a socialized health care plan, Mrs. Pelosi will have private and immediate access to the best doctors and best hospitals in the world.

These monsters, who have been given extraordinary powers to rule over you, have become so used to ramping up their powers and stomping their legislative jack boots down on your head, that they are not the slightest bit tolerant of resistance. They loathe your disobedience, your verbal challenges, your hostility to their supremacy.

In a prior blog post (”Town Halls Gone Wild“), I pointed out that some town halls had gotten so out of hand that frightened politicians were escorted out by police protective squads. Now, Nancy Pelosi, the repulsive, arrogant bitch that she is, has likened the middle class resistance to her socialist-fascist agenda as an “astroturf” movement. Ha Ha. She didn’t like the very appropriate swastikas stuck in her face as she tries to ram her perverted health care plan down our collective throats. In fact, the Dems are certain that there is no real resistance at all. They believe it’s just a big setup, with the Republican Party hiring stand-ins to show up and to protest. The term used to describe the resistance is “manufactured outrage.”

Meanwhile, the overlords who rule our lives tell us – and want to force us – to drive little (”fuel-efficient”) crap cars, use filthy mass transportation, turn down our thermostats, and turn off our lights, while they thrust their arrogance in our faces by ordering up $200 million worth of Gulfstream jets to cart their pompous asses all over the world to lofty gatherings, spending our money so they can trip the lights fantastic with powerful and wealthy special interests, grabbing more and more power, while making us all poorer.

Let’s give these hubristic rapscallions the one thing that they detest most – resistance. And plenty of it.

Karen De Coster
LRC Blog