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Friday, 21 August 2009

US democracy Agenda: Crime, Corruption, Burials and “Reconstructions”?

Entire burden of my writing about Iraq and Afghanistan is to drive US home the point that all these NATO terror wars in Islamic world were preplanned and meticulously executed in Washington much before the Sept-11 scene and that the GSTs are deliberately playing with lives of innocent Muslims around the world with assistance from like minded state terrorists.

Islam is defamed and Muslims are terrorized. But in terror attacking Muslim nations, the US-led GST wars are offering more opportunities for fascist terror nations like India and Israel to go on regular rampage on Muslims in their vicinities. Mine was an exercise in detecting the truth behind the Sept1 and other similar dates propounded by India, and other “strategic” nations. Islamic Pakistan also played havoc, in stead of defusing the crisis, in the lives of Muslims in Pakistan and the region.

I think I have made my point clear that Afghanistan was not at all involved in the US terrorism on Sept11 nor was any Osama using triple planes to hit all powerful, technologically and economically America. The pentagon-CIA idea was to make the attack only to conveniently use the occasion to blame Afghanistan, the target of Bush Sr. and his son Bush Jr. and then quickly attack. Like any other regional organization, the Taliban is also infested with CIA rogues who control the organization and global media. And all statements made allegedly by the Taliban were in fact made by these CIA evils. Removal of a stony Buddha god was used by the western media hawks to gain the support of Hindu India which centuries back had kicked Buddhism from Hindustan making it to spread and take roots around.

Apart from acquiring the energy resources of the selfish Arab nations, the US-NATO also has achieved another very important goal concerning its own legitimacy as military alliance bossing around the world. In targeting the so-called fundamentalist Islam for terror activities, the US led NATO have justified the relevance of NATO for all times. Now Russia cannot question the legitimacy of a military alliance of the Atlantic region. But Russia has forced the NATO to extend its zone beyond the usual areas into the South Asia now. If polls are not permitted as per NATO whims, all Afghans would be murdered by the GST rogues as terrorists. After all most of the Western and Eastern Evil nations have their terror troops in genocides operation there.

When, after the removal of the communist Soviets from Afghanistan, the Taliban went ahead with the Islamic program, the Islamic program, alas, the Sept-11 was executed quickly as per the CIA plan by its then chief Bush Sr. As it is clear the Taliban was also controlled by CIA agents who are also responsible for the removal of the rocky Buddha god in Afghanistan because it only on their vague ideas that the Taliban removed the stone to make the nation free from unIslamic symbols. After the “victory” in Afghanistan where the GSTs encountered no outside, military oppositions either form UNSC members or from the Islamic world that even supported western International State terrorism (IST) – the NATO rogue states hit Iraq again.

Europe has no reason to oppose US unilateralism as those rogues also want to share the booty from the battlefields in Islamic world. France which earlier slammed Bushdom rogues for Iraqi invasion, but did not do any thing nor did it oppose Afghan invasion; France has a new Jew president, Sarkozy now, did make none noise against US terror attack on a sovereign Iraq, but USA has muted that supposed anger quickly and Jews are shaping the foreign policies of many countries, including Hindu India.

To hit final nails on the NATO coffins, it should be restated that the main cause of NATO/UNSC/USA/European terror attacks on Islamic Afghanistan was to halt, at any cost, the Sharia’ program of Taliban which they found untenable in a world controlled by their combined Christian military prowess. Arab world where the rulers/Sheiks are keen to imitate the western nasty culture and, therefore, hate beards- an Islamic symbol of those who believe in true Islam- also opposed Sharia’ taking roots in Augustan which they considered a threat to private agendas. USA and Europe are coercing the Arab world to imbibe their deadly democracy and the Afghanistan success would have harmed the self interests of Sheikhs and Abdullahs who perhaps equate Sharia’ with private wealth making strategy, as well their western masters.

Arab world plays mischief too. “Talks about talks” were started by King Abdullah last Sept. 24-27 when the Saudi monarch held a private dinner in Mecca for several key Afghan players. Pakistan, a nuclear power fighting a terror India and homegrown Taliban that is keen on Shari’a implementation, is understandably upset by the stingy short-shrift treatment it gets in a U.S. capital besieged by acute financial and economic problems. Nawaz Sharif who feels he has lost to both Musharraf and Zardari and the “democratic” poll did not make him any happy, is now waiting for the collapse of President Asif Zardari’s tottering government before returning to power with a hefty financial assist from the Saudis who hosted him during his seven years in exile. They say Sharif presumably can bring a little more Saudi funding to Pakistan’s depleted treasury than the paltry $1.5 billion a year the U.S. Congress has been arguing about for months. Reports indicate the Washington’s in touch with the former premier who has already made enough wealth of Islam in Pakistan and abroad. Democracy makes people corrupt and criminals first.


Embarked upon a notorious slogan of “regime change” in Kabul, US controlled Afghanistan now produces more than 90 percent of world’s total opium and all Afghan resources. NATO made the hand-picked anti-Islamist Hamid Karzai Afghan President and one of the richest persons. Hamid Karzai’s brother, Ahmad Wali Karzai, is reportedly involved in this horrible crime. In looting the resources, the US forces and the Afghan government have been ignoring the need to provide security to the ordinary citizens. The task of “˜nation building’ is not taken up serious by the occupation terror forces and with, again, selfish reasons. The assignment of majority of development projects to the US companies has been done to take care of only US interests. To some extent the US government also exhibited an attitude of indifference and gross negligence in realizing the importance of reconstructions.

The famous “war on terror” by Bushdom rogues was started on false, concocted premises to achieve the unstated objectives of US led NATO. Now the State Terrorism for democracy also means nation building by looting the nations under custody, after destruction. The killing of innocent civilians by NATO terror forces in the indiscriminate shelling produces hate among the Afghan people against foreign troops, although the anti-Islamic media skillfully hide the ghastly fact. In the past the US failed in undergoing the task of reconstruction of Afghanistan because of different factors. They blamed lack of cooperation among different working agencies in Afghanistan for reconstruction purposes for major role in this debacle.

Since genocides are the motto of the occupying terrorists, the NATO pretend to ignore the fact that reconciliation is possible only after an in-depth understanding of the nature of the resistance movement. No occupant force can quell a resistance movement by force. It needs support of the local people. The Afghan commanders have remained switching their sides with the shifting in the balance of power. For example in December 2004, a senior Taliban commander Abdul Wahid decided to reconcile with the Afghan govt. As a result, the Karzai regime assumed some teeth which they have lavishly used to kill the fellow Afghans to secure from the western terror occupiers’ confidence and a few coins swindled from Afghan resources.

In the name of reconstructions the occupying terror nations loot the the already starved Afghani nation and hand over the resources to their local company on contract basis. The neo-Afghanistan government and the US forces made strenuous efforts attempts to exploit the internal differences among different factions of the Taliban and reconciliation has never remained a priority task. Asides the costs, the casualties are mounting, and expenses growing, while the bottom line of the conflict right now is that the Taliban are winning, simply by not losing. There has been strong resentment over the ongoing terror war in the troop sharing GSTs.

The western terror war leadership had finally decided to negotiate with elements of the Taliban. For instance two thirds of voters in a recent Newspoll opposed any further Australian military commitment to the Afghan war, the same number who enthusiastically endorsed the decision to attack the Taliban regime and their al-Qaeda house monkeys in the wake of 9/11. The initial outrage at the atrocities in America has long passed. The previous US and Australian governments poisoned any chance of bi-partisan support for the war against Islam by the botched illegal invasion and fascist occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and their ham-fisted politicization of national security issues. USA keeps asking for more trops form “˜willing” terror partner.s The appealing and seemingly logical response might well be to get the hell out and cut losses, a line of thought espoused by many questioned why any extra troops should be committed, if they were already failing.

The killing of innocent Afghans by US bombs all these horrible years of foreign terror occupation is the result of a calculation, not just a mistake. And it is fuelling resistance. NATO is preparing to throw in the towel in Afghanistan. Both Bush and the two US presidential candidates are committed to an Iraq-style surge, though the number of troops being talked about cannot possibly make a decisive difference to the conflict – and in Barack Obama’s case may be as much about providing political cover for his plans for Iraq. But the strategic importance of Afghanistan doesn’t suggest any early US withdrawal: more likely an attempt to co-opt sections of the Taliban as part of a messy and protracted attempt to rearrange the occupation.


The western media say billions of dollars of aid have been channeled into Afghanistan by foreign governments since 2001, but these have been “woefully insufficient” as bulk of them goes to the occupying terror militaries and a select pro-occupation Afghans. The net result is nearly half of Afghans still faced hunger and poverty. One of causes of expansion of NATO wars in Islamic world is the silence maintained by the Arab nations and support offered, on payment basis, by some other essentially (un) Islamic nations, like Pakistan. Western media perfectly exploited the impression about their NATO war not being anti-Islamic.

Fresh violence has erupted in the Afghan capital, Kabul, on the eve of the country’s presidential election. Explosions and gunfire were heard as troops battled and killed three attackers who raided a bank close to the presidential compound. In the ongoing farcical poll only foreign media are allowed while locals are kicked out of sites where there are sage managed fights. The Afghan Independent Journalists’ Association told Reuters news agency: “We condemn such moves to deprive people from accessing news.” journalists and activists said Afghans had a right to know about the security threats they faced. President Karzai said the blackout would prevent the media from having a “negative impact”. Karzai is known for cutting jokes off and on.

Indians cry loudly about their innocence and outside terrorism, while they encourage all sorts of state terrorisms inside and outside. NATO has followed the Indian terror poll techniques unleashed in occupied Jammu Kashmir. US-NATO has tactfully used the bogus poll for obtaining legitimacy for illegal invasion, occupation, genocides, destructions, squandering, siphoning off resources of Afghanistan and Iraq. But why USA or NATO requires legitimacy at all and from whom when none is serious or bold or well-equipped to halt their illegal unilateral terror invasions? Russians and Chinese might have bargained for a share from the terror war booty as well. However, by conducting the bogus elections in the war torn Afghanistan, NATO rogues syndicate has demonstrated that elections are vital even when most of the populace is being murdered. That is polls are vital for the existence plus operations of global terror forces.

Islam does not promote begging, but several Muslim nations have cultivated this nefarious habit of begging at the doors of western leaders and take those few coins hurled at the Muslims leaders, but even these coins in the bowls do not come without conditions attached. Hence an Islamic nation like Pakistan has invited NATO rogues to kill Muslims indoors. What is more atrocious is the fact Saudi Arabia is also behind NATO genocides in Islamic world as much as they just enjoy the intermittent holocausts in Palestine by Zionist regime even after they, shamelessly, shook hands with Jews to appease the Bushdom rogues, Since “key” Muslim nations don’t really oppose GST fascism in their own countries, non-Muslim nations like Russia and China also fueled the crisis and earned extra points from the NATO rogues, especially to mute Human rights issue, for their support, both indirect and direct.