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Saturday, 1 August 2009

How Taxpayers Continue to Fund War Crimes

By Chris Dorsey

The illegal wars of aggression and subsequent war crimes committed by the US government and the institutions that control it are now being led by Obama and the Democratic Congress. The recent 106 billion dollar war supplemental received yea votes from all Democratic members of Congress from Virginia. As a result, more of our hard-earned money will be spent killing and terrorizing the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Because of the policies of both the Republican and Democratic executive and legislative branches of our government, we, the US tax payers, have paid for the murders of more than one million human beings -- not to mention the torture that both parties carried out. All these facts make clear that the United States government and the institutions that run it are the most terrorist entities on the planet. Our government, the Federal Reserve Bank and the Pentagon are full of terrorist fugitives from justice.

The amoral sociopaths from the Republican and Democratic parties continue to fund these illegal wars of aggression because they prostitute themselves out to members of the military industrial complex like Northrop Grumman. Self-proclaimed anti-war congressman Bobby Scott, who joined the ranks of US government war criminals by voting for the 106 billion dollar war supplemental, seems to come through for his biggest campaign donor, Northrop Grumman, when they need him.

Speaking of Northrop Grumman’s ho’s, I spoke to DNC Chair and Virginia governor Tim Kaine at the Byrd House farmers’ market in Richmond, VA. It was difficult to get through Kaine’s hangers-on and security, but when I did, I asked him if there was any reason why Lem Stewart was fired as head of the Virginia Information Technologies Agency besides informing the Board that Northrop Grumman was overcharging the tax payers and being in breach of contract with the Commonwealth. He replied that Stewart’s contract had expired and he was working month-to-month. I then asked Tim if he was saying the information written in the Richmond Times Dispatch article by Jeff Shapiro and Olympia Meola was erroneous. He stated that he did not read it. I said the Northrop Grumman contract was bad from the beginning and that the reason this charter member of the military industrial complex controls the IT infrastructure of state agencies was because they gave Kaine a lot of money -- over $76,000 to Tim’s campaigns. I further stated that he was beholden to the multi-national energy and arms industries. Kaine did not respond and began walking off. As he was leaving, I shouted “you know it is true Tim!” Since this discussion, more evidence of Northrop Grumman’s theft of tax dollars and incompetence is mounting. (see:

Republicans and Democrats alike are bought and paid for by the multi-national banking, arms and energy industries -- not to mention the food and insurance conglomerates. They, without conscience, commit tyranny against the citizens of all countries, including this one. Our government, and the entities that control it, act in a terrorist fashion. The vast majority of Democrats and Republicans, the leadership in the pentagon and the Bush and Obama regimes have committed war crimes. Using the US Constitution and international law as a measuring stick, they are fugitives from justice.

Many high ranking Federal Reserve, corporate and government officials have committed treason. They care nothing about average Americans and feed their endless lust for money and power through manipulation and murder. Using the Constitution and international law as our tools, the American people and the justice-seeking people of the world need to dismantle the current criminal power structure.