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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

“Obama is pure, unadulterated Evil”

RT has been to visit the black U.S. pastor James David Manning from Harlem in New York, who claims the world's most-popular leader President Obama only got into the White House by playing on the nation's racial guilt.

“He is full of war, he is full of blood, he is full of sorrow; even Jesus himself called the religious leaders of his days nothing but a bunch of snakes and vipers, which is what Obama is as well.”

“He is not a US citizen and he is hiding his background, his college transcripts from Columbia University, his birth certificate allegedly vaulted in Honolulu, Hawaii. We do not know who he is.”

“He has stolen from the African American people the opportunity to have a first black president because he really is not that at all.”

“He has used racism very effectively to get his way to the office of President. He has misled black people.”

“He has not paid very much attention to the black community since his inauguration. He has not become what black people thought he would be as a black president.”

“White America feels very comfortable with him in their living rooms. He was black, so give him an opportunity to do something about their deep emotional commitment to slavery – and that is why they voted for him. It was racism. The whole world focuses on the fact that he is a black man – that’s racism.”

Obama Signs Executive Order Barring Release Of His Birth Certificte.

Obama Used 39 Social Security Numbers?
Dr. Taitz brings forward allegations that Barrack Obama is unlawfully holding the position as President of the United States. She currently is representing approx. 170 military members including commissioned officers in a lawsuit to force Barrack Obama to produce his birth cirtificate, proving that he is eligible to hold the position of President. Please visit for this and other stories concerning our struggle for freedom.

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