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Friday, 27 February 2009

Solutions: Stopping The New World Order

There is no silver bullet to stop the New World Order except to awaken the masses and empower the states and dissent in the upper ranks.

We’re starting to run out of the time. Severe threats and dangers of the New World Order are on the horizon. However, I can sense we’re starting to have a real impact in stopping the New World Order. The significance of the Internet was not in their original plans. The power of the Internet was underestimated.

In this article, I will attempt to describe some of the peaceful solutions we have. I do not advocate the use of violence to achieve social and political goals and do not want to discuss them. That being said, I do respect one’s right of appropriate self-defense.


Become well-educated on the topics yourself. The more you know, the better you’ll be able to talk with people. You shouldn’t feel guilty for spending an enormous amount of time educating yourself. I’ve spent thousands of hours and still feel there is a lot more I need to learn.

Keep up-to-date by frequently visiting a place like or other reliable sources for important news. Breaking news can give opportunities to maximize activism efforts.

Keep notes, sources, and links to verified facts. I wish I was disciplined enough to do this. Clipping articles, videos, and documents with a blog would be a good way to do this. Writing your own blog articles can also help you sort through your own understanding.


You must spend time trying to inform others of the New World Order. I feel the Federal Reserve is the root of the problem and is where you should focus the most attention. Relate this to the current economic crisis.

You should customize your message for the audience. For example, if you’re talking to Christians, let them know the Federal Reserve is usury. However, you should try to avoid religious perspectives when reaching out to a diverse group.

Point them to documentaries which give a good, broad overview. Fill in with documentaries, articles, and other videos that go into detail. Try to point others to mainstream news that support your position.

You can plant seeds by referencing a point you’re trying to make with a point they believe to be true. For example, I was talking to a woman at the gas station when the gas stations were out of gas. She made a political comment disgusted at our leaders. I said, “9/11 was an inside job.” She said, “I don’t know about that.” I replied, “well, the Federal Reserve is killing us.” She replied, “I agree with that.”

Try to avoid the false left/right paradigm unless the person you’re trying to reach comes from a known political point of view, and you can tailor your message to their point of view. People trapped in the false left/right paradigm or who are not political will ignore you if you come off as political, engaging in political nonsense.

Try to stick to facts. Try not to ridicule others who do not agree with you, except perhaps where you are trying to build cultural presence. If you do ridicule them, try to apologize. Let them know you’re fighting for them.

Try to inform anyone in the military, law enforcement, and government.

Use subversion to get the red pill out there if you must. Get creative.

I spend time exposing the New World Order on YouTube, with family and friends, on FaceBook, on, on my blog, in Yahoo chat rooms, on the occasional forum though I find it the most frustrating since you’ll find your highest forms of assholes and close-minded people on forums, and with people in the community to do my part in helping to awaken the masses.

Turn the tables. Use their own negative terms against them. Tell them they are the wackos believing the President [Federal Reserve puppet] and U.S. government [Federal Reserve puppet] cares about them. Call the Republicans the communists. Call the Democrats the war-mongers. Emphasize that your movement is the patriot movement sweeping the nation in the face of the corporate controlled media.


Avoid in-fighting unless they’re being racist and anti-semitic. Jewish people don’t like the agenda of the ruling elite and Federal Reserve either. Lay off the “zionism” stuff, it sounds anti-semitic.

Defend people in the movement if they’re being attack.

Avoid the esoteric, especially “New Age” religions or specific political movements, unless you feel comfortable being a subculture of a subculture. Stick to the facts and mainstream concerns. I promote georgism, but I try not to make it my main focus since the main focus is to stop the New World Order first.

Be visible in the culture. This means start a blog. This means identify yourself publically with the movement by wearing t-shirts. This means going to events and protests.

This means spam YouTube. This means spam the message boards. This means getting involved with something like to promote articles which support the movement.

Take part in helping to make important news go viral.

Ganging up with friends to ridicule others who are still trapped in the false left/right paradigm is probably fair game in the dirty world of politics though coming off as their friend will probably go a lot farther if you think there is a chance they may accept the truth.

This means promoting music and other media standing against the New World Order.

Come up with creative ideas to get the culture out there. Check local ordinances to stay legal. Bulletin boards are safe while any form of tagging, such as leaving messages on dollar bills, spray paint, and signs on public property, can be illegal. Chalk, signs, and bumper stickers are a fine line to push since they don’t cause property damage. Decide for yourself how far you are willing to push for civil rights.

You probably shouldn’t use bumper stickers on your car or put a sign in your front yard since this will make you a target of political vandalism by some wacko, criminal, false left/right paradigm retard. You can also become a victim of criminal, jackboot, police harassment. Sadly, do so at your own risk and use magnetic stickers or sign in the window of your car so you can remove them while parked in a public place that may be prone to vandalism.

Be a leader to organize events.


Let them know you’re digusted with their voting record. Let them know you oppose critical bills when they come up. Don’t threaten but let them know you think they’re criminal and out-of-control.

Let them know you want them to dismantle the Federal Reserve and return to constitutional monetary policy. Let them know you want them to restore constitutional rights, especially by repealing the Patriot Act.

You may even let them know you believe 9/11 was an inside job when looking at the evidence and the motive, such as the passage of the Patriot Act.

When they know the masses are awake, these scum bags will start to rethink their alliances. Many have families and friends that will be hurt too and are probably waiting for the masses to become awake enough before they lash out against their masters. The top will start to break down once the masses are awake.

Send in tips for breaking news.


Contact your state and local representatives to support sovereignty legislation. Contact your media to express your concerns. Keep your tone very civil and try to sound intelligent while still trying to express a high level of concern.

Ask them to support sovereignty legislation with more teeth. Propose the idea of volunteer local and state emergency response teams while opposing FEMA, Homeland Security, and other Federal Reserve military forces. Ask them to ban fluoride in municipal water. Ask for tougher laws to fight corrupting influences from federal officials on local and state government officials.

Send in tips for breaking news. Write editorials.

Come up with your own creative ideas. Be a leader.


How will your survive? Storable food, water filteration, gold/silver, ammo, guns, tools, seeds?

Think about the different ways you may wish to respond to certain situations.

In the event of crisis, will you go to the local police to offer support in the event of crisis? Will you organize with neighbors for community defense? Will you go to the local media outlet? Will you volunteer to help keep local infrastructure operational? Will you to go to family or friends? Will you head for the hills? Will you ask family or friends to come to you?

What do you do if the gestapo comes to your home? What do you do if revolution or civil war breaks out?

Keep addresses and phone numbers handy.

Come up with your own creative ideas.

Be very careful when discussing these topics and please don’t discuss the use of violence on my blog. While I respect one’s right of appropriate self-defense, I do not advocate the use of violence to achieve social and political goals.

I can’t wait for the Obama Deception to be released. It will be truck loads of red pills.

Death to the Federal Reserve! Death to the New World Order! GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!