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Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Murderous Zionist Butchers Of Israel

I have no words to describe the Zionist butchers and their crimes in Gaza. The United States along with its Western allies are as guilty murderers as are the beasts in Israel. George W Bush, Dick Cheney, and Condi Rice are the murderers that have to be tried in a court of law for the continuous crimes they have committed.

Having said that; I like to point out that the murderous government of the United States is complicit in these crimes because certain segment of the American population that practice a dirtiest form of cult, falsely named Christians-Evangelicals. The bestiality of their belief is that Israel must be loved; hence, Israel must be supported militarily to the point of committing continuous genocide for more than 60 years. Whatever these Evangelicals call themselves, they certainly are not Christians. I remember "Rev." Falwell, may he rot in Hell, when he said that his followers sent over a 100,000 emails to White House demanding full support of Israel.

The West in general and their governments in particular are the true criminals because they provide money and weapons to Israel to commit these crimes. It is not surprising since the US and her allies are doing the same thing in Afghanistan as well as Iraq. This is their modus operandi, to commit state terrorism.

However, when these poor souls who are losing family members, little sweet babies and defenseless women, resort to revenge against the United States of Israel, they are being labeled terrorists.

Are we still puzzled why is the USA so hated and despised by the Muslim world? Look at the scenes of devastations, infants burned beyond recognition while other children cry, suffering from the unbearable pain of injuries sustained by the continuous bombardment by Israeli forces. The weapons used are provided by the United States and paid for by the American taxpayers.

Let the world know, no one in the Muslim world is interested in this fraud called democracy, the so-called International Law, and the 'United Nations.' These are the instruments used by the West in order to enslave the weak of the world. International Law and United Nations are instruments are useful when the victims are Westerners.

As to the Jewish people, they are greedy, have no loyalty to anyone except themselves, and follow the dictates of Talmud that considers non-Jews as animals. No wonder, Jews were persecuted throughout history. They were persecuted because they deceived, betrayed and used other people for self-interest and enrichment. They have one common denominator, which is money, money and money.

Let the world know, Israel may be successful in murdering Palestinian children, women and defenseless civilians, however, the time will come when they and their cowardly allies in the West will crumble like a house of cards, righteousness will prevail and these murderous wicked forces of evil will face eventual demise in Afghanistan, Palestine and Iraq.

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