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Friday, 23 January 2009

Just Following Orders

As a young pup new to this “justice for the peoples in the Middle East” thing, I used to do ‘it’, meaning the “Philo-Judaic Two-Step”. I–like many these days–had honed it to a perfectly flawless, perfectly executed response whenever I would get that “Oh my GAAAAAD…Why do you HATE the Jews so much???’ after trying to have an intelligent discussion about the real causes of terrorism, Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty, AIPAC, the war in Iraq, the ongoing genocide against the Palestinians and just about every other damned thing making this world a miserable place to live in these days.

This dance–as many have either witnessed or even executed themselves–is notoriously well-known by now. It is that ridiculous, awkward maneuver one is forced to execute in trying to get back on his or her feet after being knocked off balance with the all-too-typical accusations of “anti-Semitism”, racism or being a Nazi sympathizer for daring to notice the awful smell emanating from that dirty diaper in the Middle East, Israel. It is that “Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no…I’m not against the Jews, just the Zionists” shtick that well-meaning but naïve operatives use in their attempt at wiping off all the tar and feathers hurled at them by those in the pro-Jewish mob in the interest of shutting them up and shutting down any meaningful debate.

Now however, having learned the lesson the hard way that trying to stay on the “good side” of the Jews (if such a version of reality could actually exist) while at the same time doing my moral duty in speaking out against certain things I know for a fact to be empirically wrong was all a big waste of time, my tactics have changed. The fact is, the Jews–having 2 sets of rules, one for them and one for the rest of us–do not fight fair and anyone who gets into the ring without understanding this fact is just a statistic waiting to happen. While the rest of us Gentiles enter the contest saying “may the best man win”, using nothing but our knuckles and taking our licks as they come, the Jews come into it saying “win at any cost, no matter what kind of rules–moral or otherwise–have to be broken” while bringing along a garbage bag full of dirty tricks and “aids” such as sand for our eyes and brass knuckles for our jaws.

Therefore, my stock answer now when asked the aforementioned non-sequitor concerning my “hatred” for the Jews by the well-trained Pavlovian dogs of the so called “enlightened and superior Judeo-Christian West”–is–again, perfectly flawless and perfectly executed–2 fold.

The first part is what I say to myself, which is, ‘You “hate” them too, you just don’t realize it yet, but trust me, you will soon enough…”

The 2nd part, which I do allow them to hear is this–

“I am just following orders…”

Yes, I realize this is no longer a viable excuse. We’ve all heard it now a million billion times in all the moralizing we’ve gotten from our “better brethren” in the Jewish community. Year after year after freaking year we’ve had to sit and chant out loud the lessons of the holocaust and how those mean old German soldiers who “followed orders” and assisted “the most evil man in the world” in his plans for establishing a Germans-only state while simultaneously carrying out an extermination campaign against the enemies of that proposed German-only state had no defense.

But in this case, I (we) can, nay, MUST claim this as our defense, because now, as recent events are proving all too well, we are caught between that proverbial rock and a hard place and are forced to choose between two masters.

The fact is that I, you, we, everyone now is a product of the post-holocaust era. It has been our religion, our catechism, our conscience and our mantra now for over half a century. “Never again…Never forget…” Have we forgotten this already? We have been wound into tightly-coiled springs, programmed to snap into action whenever something “pops” up smelling of all that old Nazi business and to start barking and snarling lest another holocaust take place.

And just what are the pillars of this catechism we have all been forced from before birth to embrace?

Well, namely that there are evil men in the world…Evil, insane men with ideas not rooted in reality but rather in pure, irrational, pathological narcissism. Evil men who are so in love with themselves and with their “race” that they advocate building walls around their precious little political/social experiment in order to keep out ‘the other’. Evil men who see themselves as THE Master Race, the embodiment of all that is good in an inherently evil world and destined to rule that world and to wage genocide and enslavement against those deemed inferior.

In other words, the exact situation as it exists today with the Jewish state and how it does business with those in the neighborhood, whether it is the Middle East or elsewhere.

Yes, as much as these same prison guards club us over the head for daring to see the unavoidable and then pointing out the uncanny similarities, the fact of the matter is that Jews and their ideas are the very source of this whole business of Nazism, master racism, genocide, and all the other items, take your pick. Judaism and Nazism are as different each other as the canine is to the dog or the feline to the cat. One merely needs spend a few minutes sampling a few items from the Buffet Judaica for proof of it, including but not limited to the oceans of gentile blood it has shed in the last half century as the logical extension and expression of these ideas.

So in other words, the “anti-Semitism” we are accused of possessing for daring to oppose what’s being done to the Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraqis and whatnot is just the natural outcome of the indoctrination we have received. We “anti-Semites” are, plainly put, creatures of the Jews’ own making. They train us to be attack dogs programmed to lunge at the throat of certain ideas, and then when they themselves engage in the very activity we have been trained to sink our teeth into and rip to shreds, they are shocked and surprised. They give the attack command and then when we do as programmed we are the bad guys. A half century of twisting and tweaking the collective human mind into reacting to certain ideas and of coloring our view of things–drip by drip, drop by drop with Uncle Abe’s Jewish Mind Dye, and all at once we are supposed to forget all that programming, do a 180 and suddenly recognize the huge distinction between 6 of one and half a dozen of the other.

Well the truth is, as musicians we have only been taught how to play one tune. Just as the law of Jewish mathematics is that all equations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division always end up with six million as the answer, we gentiles also are Johnny One-notes. Now, having learned to play nothing but chopsticks on the piano for a good half century and being told that this is the only musical composition ever created and they want to hear some Gershwin?

Well, as the old saying goes, “Sorry Charlie…”

I’m afraid it doesn’t work that way. Remember that thing called the law of inertia? A body at rest tends to stay at rest and a body in motion tends to stay in motion. You set us in motion a half century ago in this direction and now you expect us to stop abruptly and switch directions as if these laws of physics do not exist? You trained us to eat meat and now expect us to be vegetarians? As the old saying goes, “you bought it, and you got it.”

And yet, when we don’t “get it” the way they want, does that superior, enlightened Jewish intellect recognize that the house falling down around the entire project is of their own doing? Do they recognize that–having turned us all into attack dogs trained to spring into action by certain words and actions means we can turn on them as well?

Sadly, the answer is “no”. We don’t “get it” and we don’t see things “their way” because we, not they, are backwards, contradictory and stupid.

But then, why should anyone be surprised? After all, if it is one thing established now as an empirical fact of raw scientific data is that the Jews–by virtue of the thinking patterns set down by their religious/tribal mindset–NEVER learn. They have had 4000 years to “figure it out” that this “Chosen people” thing is NEVER going to fly, never has and never will, and yet they still keep trying. Despite all the failed attempts in applying this irrational idea in the real world, a world where laws of nature MUST be obeyed lest things fall apart, like madmen out to prove that the earth is flat instead of round they circumambulate the globe, year after year after year, arriving at the same ports and yet fail to see that all of this is a living contradiction to their theories.

So in closing, don’t feel bad, fellow gentiles, at being called “anti-Semitic” or whatever tar and feathers our “better” Jewish brethren hurl at us. Indeed, it is a badge of honor to be called such in the face of what is taking place today. Being “anti-Semitic,” anti-Judaic or whatever thing they want to call it is a blessing and we should all rejoice in it the same way we should rejoice the fact we are born with certain survival instincts that cause us to pull our hand away from something hot. It is something put into our immunological systems to protect us from the virus of predatory, backwards Judaic thinking, something which, as is clearly evident today, cannot end except with deadly results. In short, being “anti-Semitic” as they refer to it means to be a friend of humanity and a lover of righteousness, and some of the greatest examples mankind has produced–including but not limited to Jesus Christ and Mohammed–were “anti-Semites” of the highest quality. Therefore we should be honored to call ourselves descendents of their lineage.

And when all these things fail, the one remaining, incontrovertible and irrefutable truth left as a defense is that being aghast and against the fruits of Jewish power in the world today is but a part of training we all received before even being born. It was in the wombs of our mothers and in the air we breathed in our first breaths, and in the final analysis we are all merely following orders.

(c) 2009 Mark Glenn

Correspondent, American Free Press Newspaper