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Friday, 16 January 2009

Gaza Just Another Illuminati Sacrifice

These horrific accounts out of Gaza bring me into a whole new area of sorrow. I had to take some time to write this because what I found after digging around was just wrong. Here's an excerpt from the article.

This is why Obama was golfing and vacationing away in Hawaii for two full weeks even before offering that halfassed excuse for keeping quiet that he did. If Obama came out condemning Israel now, many other nations would come out also, following the young god's lead. But with his silence, things can get worse, and Brzezinski's plan, as related to a Telegraph newspaper reporter, can go off without a hitch.

In Mr Brzezinski's view, whoever is the next US leader must persuasively propose the following dramatic steps to peace: a) Palestinians give up the right of return from Jordan b) demilitarise of the Palestinian state c) Israel share Jerusalem d) Israel return to its pre-1967 war borders with "equitable adjustments".
If this agenda is pursued, in time "Israel and Palestine could be the Singapore of the Middle East and that is in the interests of the US", he said.

This article's main point actually was about Zbigniew Brzezinski's criticism of the Israel lobby tentacle AIPAC's large influence over the American political system. Jimmy Carter came out in Wales recently at a press conference about Israel's stockpile of nuclear weapons. Wherever you see Israel and Zionism, you see Rothschilds, because they have done so since the kibbutz work farm days of early Israel. As the American patriot movement has exposed, the British Windsors still control America as much as they ever did 250 years ago. There is a war going on between the different factions that desire to control this world and I would point to Benazir Bhutto's death as a recent example of this. I go over the technical details of the different factions at play in Red Heat, Real Time, Glimpses of WW3. This is nothing less than a literal sacrifice to bring in another piece of the puzzle.

To have a world government, as the Illuminati/New World Order gofers are calling for multiple times a week now, Palestine and Israel have to be in it as well. I still found it a surprise to find a Jerusalem Post article about how Arab doctors would be training in Israel as part of a Mediterranean Union oriented initiative.

A leading French geneticist and pediatrician who is an adviser to French President Nicolas Sarkozy is promoting a project that would bring Arabdoctors and nurses and others from Mediterranean countries to Israel for advanced training, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

Prof. Arnold Munnich, chief of the Necker Hospital Center for genetics in Paris and research director of its "genetic handicaps" unit, told the Poston Wednesday he had encountered approval and enthusiasm for the project, which he hoped would receive funding from the European Union and other public and private sources.

He said it would be one facet of the Union for the Mediterranean (previously known as the "Mediterranean Union") - a community initiated by Sarkozy in July to bring together EU members and several other countries that border the Mediterranean, as well as Jordan and Mauritania. Among other things, Sarkozy, who proposed the union during his 2007 election campaign, regards his plan as a way of promoting peace between Israel and Arab states.

Peace under the rule of one world government. There are several other countries that the agenda states are to be included in this Mediterranean Union.