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Friday, 2 January 2009

Gaza and the rise of the Fourth Reich

One would think that a people who have historically been on the receiving end of heartless treatment would have chosen to shun such techniques rather than to embrace them.

Ironically, Israel has become the Fourth Reich, dealing with basic human rights and dignity in a brutal and arrogant manner, much as their unexpected mentors taught.

The Nazis would be proud and yet horrified that the evil torch of their methods is being carried onward by some of the very people they sought to repress.

What happened to the Jewish people was unarguably hideous and despicable, but not less than what they are perpetrating upon the long-suffering Palestinians.

For many, the word 'Palestinian' has come to be equated with 'terrorist'. What the world forgets is that for decades after the creation of Israel, the Palestinians patiently and non-violently awaited the world to recognize them in the same manner.

A people who have virtually claimed World War II as theirs have conveniently forgotten that other countless millions died in that inhumane conflict that ultimately aimed to conquer and subjugate the entire world, to eliminate free-thinking and the right of dissent, and to slaughter like animals any individual not meeting Aryan ideals.

Many cultural atrocities and massacres have happened throughout history, and are indeed happening at this moment, but none have been given a title or have been used as a breast-beating excuse to commit the very same crimes against decency.

Excluding Israel's few but powerful allies, many countries in the world view Zionists as bullies, murderers and land-thieves.

The title of 'settlers' given to Israeli land-thieves is a very appropriate one. It is the same designation given to those in America in the 1800s who progressively murdered their way across stolen native land while claiming a manifest destiny from God in doing so.

The German philosopher Hegel once said that history teaches that history teaches us nothing. While the Berlin wall has come down, Israel puts one up, and the hypocritical governments who purport to be democracies and to advocate human rights make mild and symbolic protests while allowing crimes against humanity to continue.

When some Israeli students of conscience were conducting a protest at the illegally fenced-off road in a show of support for Palestinian rights, fully-armed Israeli soldiers stood ready at the other side of the fence with their weapons trained on protestors.

Some student hotheads, not content with a peaceful demonstration, shook the fence and threw some rocks. The soldiers responded by opening fire on them. Despite being reported and televised, this incident has somehow disappeared from the media.

When a government is willing to have its own children shot for daring to question its illegal acts, it is no longer a mystery why this government would not give a second thought to cutting off Gaza from the rest of the world, why it has no qualms about starving its inhabitants and depriving them of the basic necessities of life, why it does not flinch at massacring thousands of Palestinian innocents.

It is the cause of wonder how a tiny strip of land considered holy by many faiths can become the site of such unholiness.

Polls show that the Israeli public demands harsher military measures against Gaza and there is increased support for political parties determined to level the coastal sliver and wipe out any traces of life there.

When even the many Jewish voices raised in protest against this crime are drowned out by the roar of the less compassionate and more powerful, one cannot expect to ever see compassion from the Fourth Reich for the plight of the Palestinian nation.

Israel is a 'Nazi state'

Former television star Roseanne Barr has denounced Israel's military campaign against Hamas in Gaza, labeling Israel a "Nazi state."

We mustn't forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish.

In a post on her personal blog, which appears at her Web site, Roseanne World, the comedienne, who is Jewish, wrote on December 30 that she had planned to travel with pro-Palestinian activists on a protest boat sailing from Cyprus to Gaza.

After an encounter with an Israel Navy vessel, the boat was turned back and sailed into a Lebanese port on Tuesday.

"I said Israel will attack any boat carrying doctors and medical supplies," Barr wrote on her blog, adding that, "Israel is a NAZI state. The Jewish Soul is being tortured in Israel."

Final Solution?

What Final Solution?

The Emmy-award winning actress, who has courted controversy in the past, also condemned Israel's counter-terror operation against Hamas, asserting that, "The destruction of the Jews in Israel has been assured with this inhuman attack on civilians in Gaza."

In her post, Barr likened Hamas to "street gangs" in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts, saying that Israel's military campaign is the "equivalent to Los Angeles attacking and launching war on the people of Watts to kill 'the Bloods' and 'the Crips.'"

Barr's comments were revealed by the Newsbusters Web site, which is a project of the conservative media watchdog group, the Media Research Center. More

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