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Monday, 19 January 2009

Gaza and Jewry’s ‘Mark’ Of Cain

THE MERCILESS SLAUGHTER OF GAZAN CIVILIANS and the approval by World Jewry has put the nations on notice that an inherent evil is at work within Jewry’s approach to human affairs.

Having studied the Holy Scriptures from my youth to the present day, (I was raised in Judaism and now an Orthodox Christian), the passage in the Old Testament regarding the “mark of Cain” has a unique relevance regarding this inherent evil in Jewry’s approval of the current massacre of children in Gaza.

The narrative regarding the “mark of Cain” is put forth in the opening pages of the book of Genesis. We read that Cain, in a lust for supremacy and in a furtive manner, slew his brother, Abel. In punishment for his crime, God set a “mark” upon Cain’s forehead to distinguish him from the rest of humanity as an evil doer who must engage in life-long penance for his wicked deed.

“Where is your brother Abel?” the Lord asked Cain shortly after he slew Abel. “I know not. Am I my brother’s keeper?” replied the lying & insolent Cain.

When asked by his disciples, “Who are our brothers?” Christ responded with His parable of the good Samaritan — that all men, regardless of race, creed, or ethnicity, are “brothers” and must mutually show concern for each others’ welfare.

Rejecting Christ’s teachings of the “brotherhood of man,” the Jews slew their “brother,” the Lord Jesus Christ. In committing this act of fratricide and deicide, the Jews called down upon themselves a ‘blood mark’ — not unlike the ‘mark of Cain’ — crying out to Pilate when he wished to let Christ go, “His blood be upon us and upon our children!”

And this ‘blood mark,’ which distinguishes Jews from the rest of humanity as evil doers, is manifested today in the remorseless slaughter & approval by Jewry of innocent Gazan civilians today.

A BLOOD-THIRSTY CROWD OF ZIONIST JEWS in NYC together with Senator Chuck Schumer (a Jew) and Governor David Paterson (a Jewish-bought Gentile), rallied in support of Israel’s genocide of Gazan civilians on January 11, 2009. Many of the rallying Jews, while dancing the Jewish hora, (and while Arab children bled to death), called for “wiping out” Palestinians.

On January 17, 2009, Israel called for a cease fire but said it would “remain in Gaza.” It appears that Israel’s plans for Gaza is to turn it into an Israeli colony in the near-term and merge it into the Israeli state in the far-term. Israeli settlers are already chomping at the bit to return to their former enclaves in Gaza. No surprise here, for the rogue state of Israel has been engaged in a takeover of all Arab-owned lands since its Zionist foundation at the turn of the 20th century.

A seven-fold vengeance was pronounced upon Cain by God in chastisement for his 7 sins: lust for supremacy; guile; murder; fratricide; the first murder as setting a bad example; wronging his parents; and lying.

The 7 deadly sins of Cain are being repeated by Jewry today: lust for supremacy; guile in pretending righteousness; murder of Arab innocents; fratricide in denying the brotherhood of man; the first war waged against children as setting a bad example; wronging world-wide Jewry (yet Jewry is complicit in the crimes); and lying to the world regarding the illegal use of phosphorus bombs.

“Cursed art thou from the earth,” pronounced the Lord against Cain when censuring his devilish deed. “The blood of Abel your brother cries out to me from the ground,” witnessed the Lord against Cain’s lie that he knew not where his brother was. The blood of fratricide and deicide remains for all time soaked into the accursed soil of ‘Eretz Israel.’ And the blood of innocent Arab children cries out to heaven to avenge their deaths by the hands of Israeli criminals and world Jewry’s applause.

The ‘mark of Cain’ fulfilled its mission in the life of wicked Cain. Surely, the ‘blood-mark’ upon the foreheads of Jews perpetrating and applauding the murder of innocent Gazan civilians will not go without redress. Why? The Bible, internal disintegration within Israel, and new geopolitical realities, tells me so. That’s why…

By Ex-Jew Brother Nathanael Kapner

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