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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Psy-Ops in the Nick of Time

A shoe-throwing, a judge of “X-Factor” more popular than the queen of England, voters in a vapid pseudo-reality competition show getting their money back - these are the trivial situations hyped-up to keep the public’s attention away from more “grown-up” issues when there are minor scandals and skirmishes within the halls of Congress or Parliament. But when there are real and pressing issues that could possibly catch the attention of some slaves who are on the edge of awareness, that limbo between sleep and wakefulness, there are the trusty bombings and bomb scares to frighten them back into towing the party line of the GWOT.

The mention of needing to send a psy-op team to help out the boys in “information operations” in Afghanistan shows the deterioration of their control. Some actual truth is seeping out and that is just not allowed. Apparently since the ground war is going as badly as the Info War, Obama is going to shift troops from Iraq to Afghanistan instead of bringing them home. The Obama supporters who are against the wars will be as disappointed as with this as with his other broken campaign promises.

Then there is the speading economic collapse and fears that riots could spread to other countries in Europe. So conveniently a new bomb gets found in a Parisian store’s bathroom. Never mind that the explosives weren’t primed, didn’t have fuses and the ‘terrorist organization’ was one no one had ever heard from before. Amazingly, the “threat” to France of more bombs if they didn’t withdraw troops from Afghanistan appears just as the situation is not looking good for the “coalition.” It hasn’t been very successful and other coalition nations have recalled many (or all) of their troops, and there are growing “concerns that efforts are failing.” The Russians could have told them that and saved everyone a boatload of money and lives.

And, really, one would think intelligence agencies could come up with better fake names than “Al qaeda” and the “Afghan Revolutionary Front.” “Little toilet” doesn’t really inspire a whole lot of confidence or fear, and “Afghan Revolutionary Front” is just, well, boring. Perhaps one of the qualifications for being hired as a spook is to be completely unimaginative?

No matter, our friendly Operation Mockingbird plants in the media have leapt into action helping to distract the public with a tale of flying shoes by a brown-skinned man at the fearless (and witless) leader. While the Arab world hails the shoe-thrower, he sits in custody having been summarily beaten for his impudence. No word on who did the beating, but it was done within the Green Zone so one can follow the bread crumb trail and figure that one out pretty quickly.

These manufactured threats and non-scandals are breathlessly and endlessly repeated ad-nauseum to keep the public deadened, distracted and afraid while the New World Order plan plows ahead, stealing trillions, poisoning our bodies and minds, and ruining lives hither and yon.

Of course, there are issues at home that deserve attention, too, er, that people aren’t supposed to be paying attention to, like how close the incoming chief-of-staff is to the attemted selling of Obama’s soon to be vacant Senate seat, and that troops are on American streets conditioning the public to their presense by ‘helping’ law enforcement with those pesky speeders in California. And that, of course, is a psy-op in itself.

Carolyn Harris