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Friday, 19 December 2008

'A Preconceived Plan To Destroy...The United States'

Speaking before Congress in 1957, Nevada Senator George W. Malone stated: "I believe that if the people of this nation fully understood what Congress has done to them over the last 49 years, they would move on Washington; they would not wait for an election....It adds up to a preconceived plan to destroy the economic and social independence of the United States!"

What distinguishes these times from all prior American history is the hubris - the global moneyed fraternity coming out of the shadows and openly declaring dictatorial powers as the solution for the problems they created.

Obama's the perfect placement for this next phase of the destruction and subsequent communization of America. Foreign born, and a product of the Chicago crime syndicate, he will do what he is told to do. His immediate pick for Chief of Staff was Rahm Israel Immanuel, a duel-citizen of Israel and known for his foul mouth and viciousness toward any opposition.

This administration will play the race card as deftly as Israel plays the anti-Semitism card to get what it wants. There are no Semitic Jews in the power structure of Israel and there are no defenders of the Constitution and the Bill or Rights in the power structure of this incoming administration. Israel will serve as the template for 'change'.

In the opening salvos, Obama has said that "We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong and just as well funded as the U.S. military." Emanuel has said "We're going to have universal civil defense training somewhere between the ages of 18-25. You WILL do 3-months of training, but there can be nothing wrong with ALL Americans having a similar experience." Obama has proposed a 0-5 pre-school indoctrination program under the guise of free federal day-care to help working mothers.

On 10/12, Colin Powell was rolled out on Meet the Press to tell us; "The problems will always be there; there's going to be a crisis which will come along on the 21st, 22nd of January that we don't even know about right now." Biden made a similar statement to a Seattle fundraiser on the same day. Obviously, somebody knows about it.

With Americans glued to their televisions on 9/11/2001, and believing whatever the television told them to believe, it's unlikely that many will question the engineered problems that will justify the next phase of destruction. It will be a masterpiece of propaganda and change you will believe in.

Gary Jacobucci