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Friday, 5 December 2008

Mumbai Attacks Likely Gangland, CIA, ISI Turf War

Millionaire Indian gangster and ex-CIA off-the-books spook Dawood Ibrahim, living in luxurious exile in Pakistan was very angry at his old CIA buddies for their turn-coat betrayal as they colluded with the Indian Government, the Pakistani secret service, ISI, and Israeli Mossad to oust him from his redoubt in Quetta, Pakistan and extradite him to India.

He was so enraged he knew he could strike a blow directly at his enemies and send them a clear message in Mumbai at the Trident Oberoi Hotel, a gathering place for foreign intelligence operatives, and the Orthodox Jewish Chabad House, so he financed, planned, and supplied weapons, equipment and logistic for the multiple attacks by what now appears to be Lashkar-e-Taibi, LET, terrorists.

This scenario, just one of the emerging possible reasons behind the massacres, is becoming a more credible explanation for the horrendous carnage of last week as hard evidence continues to accumulate. Reason would suggest it is actually a far more plausible explanation than that of sudden and transparent attacks by Pakistani sponsored terrorists on the eve of peace talks between Pakistan and India, much sought after by the Government in Islamabad.

As facts exposing the murky realm of international intelligence agencies and their opportunistic alliances with gangs and criminals in India, Pakistan and elsewhere are slowly revealed, and the light of closer global scrutiny begins to illuminate how personal, economic and geopolitical agendas by powerful individuals, groups and countries are intertwined and clash in this clandestine arena of cross and double-cross, at least some pieces of the complex power puzzle will emerge for us to see.

Meanwhile the Bush Administration's lame duck Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice continues to tacitly support the superficial but politically useful 'blame Pakistan' western explanation for the tragedy during her visit to India. The facts as they are slowly revealed will doubtless lead truth seekers into some far darker corners than Government House in Islamabad, and the facile explanations touted in the blame game being played by New Delhi, Washington and the flaccid western mainstream media.

The authoritative analysis of the unfolding situation below, brings many new facts to bear and shines a bright light into the ruthless and secretive world seething below the surface of the news many read and blindly accept as the truth.

As first reported by WMR while the corporate press was uttering the “Al Qaeda” bogeyman as likely behind the terror attacks on Mumbai, the Press Trust of India (PTI) is now confirming WMR’s initial report that Pakistan- and Dubai-based criminal syndicate boss Dawood Ibrahim’s gangsters handed over the weapons and explosive material to Lashkar-e-Taiba (LET) terrorists to carry out the assault on targets in Mumbai.

According to PTI, one LET terrorist captured by India, Ajmal Qasab, said he and his fellow terrorists sailed from Karachi and entered Mumbai’s port area with the help of Ibrahim’s agents who run several customs facilities in Mumbai. However, there are some questions being raised about Qasab and his claims. The so-called security camera shot of Qasab, who is being billed by the media as the “lone surviving gunman,” at Chatrapathi Sivaji train terminal in Mumbai, appears fake. The angle is too narrow for a train station which would have a wider angle and be shot from higher up than the photo being shopped by the Indian police. However, according to Asian intelligence sources, Qasab may have been trained by Hindu militants and was rushed to the scene of the attack for a photo opportunity hastily arranged by the Hindu right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) propaganda team. One Asian intelligence source who has spent a great deal of time in Pakistan reports that he has “never seen a haircut like his [Qasab’s] in Pakistan or on either side of Line of Control in Kashmir.” He also pointed out that Qasab is a bit overweight for an average “mujad” who slim down in training by exercising and eating a sparse diet of lentils and flat bread.

An abandoned Indian fishing boat, the Kuber, discovered off the coast of Mumbai, was found to contain satellite phones and global positioning system (GPS) equipment pre-programmed with a return route to Karachi, Pakistan. The Ibrahim gangsters and LET terrorists had hijacked the Kuber and killed its crew.

It has also been revealed that the Trident-Oberoi Hotel had been chosen by the terrorists because a large number of Israeli businessmen were staying there while attending a diamond exhibition. WMR has learned from our Asian intelligence sources that a large number of Mossad officers used the Trident-Oberoii as a base of operations, along with the ultra-Orthodox Jewish Chabad House, which was also targeted by the terrorist-gangster alliance.

The Oberoi hostages were shot in the back of their heads, a typical gangland execution method preferred by Ibrahim and not the firing squad method used by LET. The outbreak of fires in rooms at the Oberoi also point to the possibility that the hotel was being used by British, American (possibly Defense Intelligence Agency), Australian, and Israeli non-official cover (NOC) agents as a base and documents were being destroyed before the hotel was fully secured by the Ibrahim-LET assailants. There was an initial report that a number of bodies of white males brought out of the Oberoi were Australians.

A report in Kashmir Times, since removed from its website, claimed that the terrorists that entered the Taj Mahal Palace hotel had identified two senior U.S. intelligence officers in the crowd. The fact that the two CIA agents were singled out lends more proof to WMR’s original report that Ibrahim was retaliating against his old CIA friends because he suspected them of working with India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) agency to extradite him from his sanctuary in Quetta, Pakistan, to India. Ibrahim is a veteran of CIA “off-the-books” operations during the mujahedin war against the Soviets in Afghanistan and currently in CIA drug and weapons smuggling and money laundering activities in South Asia, particularly in facilitating the shipment of a bumper crop of opium from U.S.-occupied Afghanistan to enrich the coffers of CIA slush funds.

Ibrahim was also involved in supplying nuclear materials to Pakistan’s father of the nuclear bomb, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan.

Khan has made no secret that the CIA was well aware of his activities and Ibrahim may be in a position to know much more about the secret networks that supplied Pakistan with proscribed materials, including nuclear-related and missile items, networks that may involve CIA channels and Turkish and Israeli criminal intermediaries.