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Friday, 28 November 2008

Terror in Mumbai, India; Qui Bono ?

As we all try to understand the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, it might be wise to ask ourselves, Who benefits ? Islam ? Pakistan ? Neither.

Islam expressly forbids attacks on civilians. Those who claim to be Muslim and yet who perpetrate such atrocities have been universally condemned by the world-wide Muslim community. So-called Islamist Extremism is clearly un-Islamic and serves only to cause further prejudice against Muslims.

When did so-called Islamist Terrorism become a global threat ? One has to look back to the last days of the Soviet Union and its attempt to control Afghanistan. (1)

According to Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Jimmy Carter's National Security Adviser, the CIA recruited and trained fanatics from the Islamic World to fight the Soviet forces in Afghanistan. As a result, the Soviet Union fell and the Taliban rose to power. Many of these trained fighters who thought the Taliban too mild, went on to create chaos in other countries, such as Algeria, Egypt and Indonesia. They are sometimes called Al Qaida.

Might Pakistan be responsible ?

India and Pakistan have been rivals, ever since their separation in 1947, with both nations wasting their energies on preparations for war, sometimes even engaging in such foolishness but as yet never going over the brink into total war. Both India and Pakistan have nuclear arsenals.

The disputed territory of Kashmir remains an obstacle to Peace, as both nations ignore the obvious solution of an independent Kashmir which, by both geographical and cultural necessity, would become a bridge between the two more powerful nations.

Meanwhile, the situation has become a breeding ground for extremists within the ranks of those who would choose either India or Pakistan.

At the same time, the ongoing war in Afghanistan is set to spread into Pakistan. U.S. President-Elect Barack Obama, during his campaign, stated that he would be willing to extend the Afghanistan war into Pakistan, if necessary.

Meanwhile, the people of Pakistan have been voicing growing disapproval of their Governments involvement with what many see as part of a U.S. war against Islam.

It would be absolutely insane for the Government of Pakistan to provoke India into war!

Before we all rush to judgement, lets allow Indian and Pakistani authorities time to conduct a proper open investigation. Whoever is responsible for the tragedies in Mumbai and is/are still alive - are simply criminal and must be punished, in accordance with International and Indian Law.

Paul V. Rafferty
Meanwhile, please see the following reports. Please also return for forthcoming UPDATES.


1. The CIA's Intervention in Afghanistan

Paul V. Rafferty

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