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Friday, 28 November 2008

British Intelligence is Behind Mumbai Massacre Find Out What Else They're Doing: This is Urgent

Mumbai comes during the last days of the Bush Administration, Lyndon LaRouche said today, in which we are expecting the very worst to strike globally. And the British are also in heat right now. Therefore, you are looking for the very worst at this time. And, because of the Pakistan ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence)/British MI-6 involvement, Mumbai could not have happened at this time, unless the British were involved in it.

"It would be British intelligence," he said. "They're the only ones who would do this. Someone says they're Pakistani? Yeah, so what! It's British intelligence."

"Don't look at it as coming from a propaganda line, to an action," LaRouche warned. "The propaganda line may have nothing to do with the action. Don't look for a propaganda algebra that will give you the key to who's behind it. In a situation like this, propaganda algebra doesn't work. The EFFECT does. What is the EFFECT? Who wants the effect?

In a situation like this, ask whether British intelligence and their assets are active around this thing. If they are active at all, you don't have to know what their line is. If they're active, they're guilty.

Now ask: Are they active, for example,-- are they active in the region? Are they targetting Iran? Are they targetting a destabilization in Iraq, from the present situation? That's what you look for. Or another attack on Syria. Why did Ehud Olmert reverse himself when he returned to Israel from the US, to turn around and deny that Washington had warned him against attacking Iran? You aren't looking for a propaganda line; you are looking for simply an involvement.

Cheney is the bellwether in this. Cheney's involvement, or his group's involvement in it. And remember, they're the same thing as the British.

Turning now to East Asia, first of all, in Thailand, the situation there has been chaotic for some time; it's coming to a ripening now. You've got extreme instability in China because the Chinese don't know how to deal with this crisis they're facing. So that's another little part of the problem.

So you've got, also, a tremendous instability in trade, economy and so forth throughout the world, especially in Eurasia and Africa. And also now, in the United States.

So you've got all these factors going, so you have a combination of a willful malice on one hand, but also you've got circumstances which are ignitable. So the friction between malice and ignitables, is something which is hard to sort out here. All you can do is look for these factors. Just get some degree of temperature reading of what's going on, from the two kinds of things. That is, the ignitable character of the situation, and the factor of the malicious operations underway.