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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Mass Media Mind Manipulation and the World of Illusion

An enormous false world has been constructed by the globalists with the intent to trap us in a prison of illusion. deception has perpetrated so deeply into our consciousness that it has grown difficult to discern fact from fiction… this, of course, was the goal of the mind manipulation. Upon the corruption of our minds lies the trail of globalist fingerprints.

The wealthiest men of our nation are in control of our education system. Our schools teach curriculums created by the Ford Foundation, Carnegie Endowment, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Guggenheim Foundation. While President of the Ford Foundation in 1954, Rowan Gaither explained the Foundation's mandate:

"… we operate in response to directives, the substance of which is that we shall use our grant making power to alter life in the United States so that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union." Openly admitted, for the record, the tax-exempt foundations which determine what and how American children learn have tried to manipulate attitudes toward a socialist model - specifically the Soviet Union. What are some alterations which would favor this change in attitude? In the Soviet Union there were no guaranteed rights, freedom of political expression was outlawed, the government regimented all aspects of life, and religion was systematically abolished in favor of the belief in atheism.

Upon examination of my own U.S. history book from school, I realized the Bill of Rights was excluded from the book - the only mention of our Bill of Rights was in implied meanings, reworded by the authors. This is a blatant attempt to undermine the original meaning of the Constitution! It is only justifiable to interpret the meanings of each right after reading the actual words written by the Founding Fathers. Couple this with the passage of the Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act, which negate major portions of the Bill of Rights, and we begin to see a pattern: our inherent rights from God are being destroyed!

When one knows whom their readers will be they can then attempt to alter their opinions through their writings. As Nietzsche says, "He who knows the reader, does nothing further for the reader. Another century of readers - and spirit itself will stink. That everyone can learn to read will ruin in the long run not only writing, but thinking too." Because those who mandate our education have set a goal for themselves - the destruction of our Republic and a merger with world government. They have written textbooks accordingly. Through these means, they manage the thinking processes of the readers - the children attending school to be 'educated.' Our children's minds are being manipulated to turn away from Individualism, in favor of Collectivism.

Because the Homeland Security Act and Patriot Act allow for indefinite detainment, it is now legal for U.S. citizens to be held as political prisoners. The Federal Government is not required to give any reason for detaining a person. Why isn't this analyzed in the media? Why is this important turn of events being swept under the rug? Furthermore, federal agents may enter homes without warrant or the homeowner's knowledge; this provides the perfect opportunity to frame their adversaries: those in favor of Constitutional Government. With the DNA database being constructed, it will likely be possible to grow human hairs in a laboratory that could conceivably be planted as evidence in a crime.

The physical shackles of oppression are much more sloppy than the restraints which can be placed on the mind. The tragedy of our situation is that we first must win a spiritual war - then, likely a physical one. Nietzsche observed, "We believe in reason: this, however, is the philosophy of gray concepts. Language depends on the most naïve prejudices. Now we read disharmonies and problems into things because we think only in the form of language and thus believe in the "eternal truth" of "reason." (e.g., subject, attribute, etc.) We cease to think when we refuse to do so under the constraint of language; we barely reach the doubt that sees this limitation as a limitation. Rational thought is interpretation according to a scheme that we cannot throw off." Nietzsche knew well the restrictions language places on thought. Another genius, George Orwell, explained in his book 1984, how a corrupt totalitarian government called Oceania (U.S.A. merged with Britain) reduced the language to restrict its subject's range of thought. In this new language, Newspeak, a person was unable to form concepts to disagree with the government. This becomes important as the illiteracy rate in our nation increases every year.

The main concept of mind control, in the book 1984, was to cause a person to 'doublethink.' Orwell explains 'doublethink' as a willingness "to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just so long as it is needed." For example, the U.S. places Saddam Hussein in power, arms him to the teeth, then declares him a menace to the world and attacks him. We are supposed to forget that Donald Rumsfeld handed Saddam a briefcase - the Weapons of Mass Destruction kit! If I hand a person a gun, then shoot him, does that make me a hero? We are supposed to 'doublethink' and not care how many times the Federal Government lies to us, yet still believe every word they say at present. When our nation blows something up it is called an 'operation.' When anyone else blows something up it is called 'terrorism.' By this interpretation, terrorism is defined as using a bomb without dropping it from a plane or delivering it by missile! Because they don't spend the money on the high-tech gear, they're terrorists!

There was a War on Illiteracy - more people are illiterate. There was a War on Drugs - more drugs hit the street. Now there's a War on Terror - a war on a concept, which will, of course, bring us more terrorism. We see the results of these so-called 'wars,' yet we 'doublethink' and ignore the facts.

Perhaps the most enormous lie perpetuated upon us today by the schools and media is the idea of Macroevolution: the notion that we somehow evolved from apes. Of course, Microevolution is proper and evident - for example, giraffes with longer necks survive during times of drought, while the shorter necked giraffes starve because they can't reach the leaves to eat. But Macroevolution, the idea that we coincidentally, just happened to evolve from nothingness, is absurd to the point of lunacy!

First of all, Macroevolution defies the very laws of physics which it is supposed to enforce. Those who believe in this theory consider themselves "students of reason," yet reason itself denies this theory. Mathematicians have studied the odds of this theory taking place and the odds are so miniscule, they are not even calculable… in other words, there is not even a chance this actually took place. The Theory of Macroevolution relies on an assumption that we evolved from simplicity into something much more complex- this defies the Second Law of Thermodynamics which states that simplification of structure is the natural state of all things. The idea that genetic mutations might occur, every time, to add complexity to simple genes is absurd and reckless. The scientific evidence proves the course of genetic degeneration: Bacillus Circulans was analyzed after 300 million years of suspended animation in rock salt; it was found to be more genetically complex than its current forms. We are in a state of degeneration, not 'evolution.'

Nietzsche, who lived and wrote during the birth of Darwinism, wrote, "Anti-Darwin.- What surprises me most when I survey the broad destinies of man is that I always see before me the opposite of that which Darwin and his school see or want to see today: selection in favor of the stronger, better-constituted, and the progress of the species. Precisely the opposite is palpable: the elimination of the lucky strokes, the uselessness of the more highly developed types, the inevitable dominion of the average even the sub-average types. If we are not shown why man should be an exception among creatures, I incline to the prejudice that the school of Darwin has been deluded everywhere."

"That species represent any progress is the most unreasonable assertion in the world: so far they represent one level. That the higher organisms have evolved from the lower has not been demonstrated in a single case. I see how the lower preponderate through their numbers, their shrewdness, their cunning - I do not see how an accidental variation gives an advantage, at least not for so long a period; why an accidental change should grow so strong would be something else needing explanation."

"... In summa: growth in the power of a species is perhaps guaranteed less by a preponderance of its children of fortune, of strong members, than by a preponderance of average and lower types- The latter possess great fruitfulness and duration; with the former comes an increase in danger, rapid wastage, speedy reduction in numbers."

The great farce of Darwinian Macroevolution has been insinuated upon mankind… but why would this be beneficial to the globalists? Those who believe in atheism and evolution, which is just as much a blind leap-of-faith as any other religious belief, usually have the attitude "life is mere chance- who cares about anything?" and "nothing is sacred, we are just monkeys ourselves, let's defile the world." Those who believe in nothingness are more easily led to their demise. Those who stand up for a code of ethics, and believe in God and goodness, are more likely to stand up against tyranny. A belief in Macroevolution supports the materialist philosophy of purchasing happiness at the local Galleria and teaches nothing of discovering spiritual happiness.

Our "education" system is not the poorest in the world by coincidence; neither is it because Americans are of sub-normal intelligence. The school system is designed to dumb students down - to teach them to memorize and obey, instead of teaching them to think for themselves. Add to the equation the intelligence-insulting media, which couldn't say a three syllable word if this were desired, and we have a system of idiocy manufacturing cattle. All this is no accident. This has been perpetuated upon us with the intent of degrading our mental attributes for the purpose of exploitation. The veil hiding these wealthy puppet-masters with their tax-exempt 'educational' foundations and mass media must be lifted if we are to win this spiritual battle

Randy Lavello