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Sunday, 13 January 2008


Exposing Historical Fraud via The Scientific Method ™

Ground Penetrating Radar Examination Exposes “ Extermination Center ” Fraud


A detailed forensic examination of the site of the wartime Treblinka camp, using sophisticated electronic ground radar, has found no evidence of mass graves there. For six days in October 1999, an Australian forensics team headed by Richard Krege, a qualified electronics engineer, carried out an examination of the soil at the site of the former Treblinka II camp in Poland where, holocaust historians claim, 870,000 Jews were put to death in gas chambers and then buried in huge mass graves. Krege said: “From these scans we could clearly identify the largely undisturbed horizontal stratigraphic layering, better known as horizons, of the soil under the camp site. We know from scans of gravesites and other sites with known soil disturbances, such as quarries, when this natural layering is massively disrupted or missing altogether. Because normal geological processes are very slow acting, disruption of the soil structure would have been detectable even after 60 years. Historians say that the bodies were exhumed and cremated toward the end of the Treblinka camp’s use in 1943, but we found no indication that any mass graves ever existed.”

According to the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust (1997), a total of 870,000 people were allegedly killed and buried at Treblinka between July 1942 and April 1943. Then, between April and July 1943, the hundreds of thousands of corpses were allegedly dug up and burned on large grids made of railroad rails. Krege’s team used an $80,000.00 GROUND PENETRATION RADAR (GPR) device, which sends out vertical radar signals that are visible on a computer monitor. GPR detects any large-scale disturbances in the soil structure to a normal effective depth of four or five meters, and sometimes up to ten meters. (GPR is routinely used around the world by geologists, archeologists and police.) In its Treblinka investigation, the team carefully examined the entire Treblinka II site, especially the alleged “mass graves” portion, but found no evidence of individual graves, bone remains, human ashes or wood ashes. (SOURCE)

View the video documentation of Krege’s forensic investigation HERE.

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I dont see an elephant in my basement. If there were an elephant in my basement, I would certainly see it. Therefore, there is no elephant in my basement.


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According to the orthodox version of the holocaust, at Treblinka the Germans murdered and buried, then dug up, burned and crushed the bones, and then - REBURIED all the crushed bone and ash of 870,000 Jews INTO THE SAME MASS GRAVES ; thus, they allegedly - obliterated all evidence of their crime.” If you’re unfamiliar with the controversies surrounding this “judicially proven fact,” then it’s imperative that before you begin reading this site, you understand the forensic argumentation presented in this link HERE:

“This is the biggest cemetery of Polish Jewry… There are 870,000 Jews buried in the enormous ditches… Within this area initially, the Jews were buried in enormous pits… Later on, a sort of grill from railroad tracks was built. The corpses were removed and this area served for burning the corpses… Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka - all three of them were utterly eradicated… Both Treblinka and the other camps, once they had fulfilled their task of extermination, were obliterated… Nothing remains - nothing.”

Nothing remains? Who in their right mind could believe that a perfect crime could be committed while murdering 870,000 people? Everyone knows that at every crime scene - EVIDENCE IS LEFT BEHIND: “Cremated remains weigh between three and nine pounds.” In order to believe the orthodox Treblinka holocaust legend, you must believe this: The Germans, by putting a layer of soil over millions of pounds of crushed bone and ash, tens of millions of teeth and tens of thousands of bullets and shell casings somehow, magically -utterly eradicated” all evidence of their crime!

Utterly eradicated? How about utter nonsense? Why would the Germans go through all that work, knowing full well there would still be millions of pounds of evidence left behind, then put all that incriminating evidence right back into the very graves that they allegedly had just dug all that evidence out of? It’s understandable when a toddler believes that he’s made himself invisible while playing peek-a-boo by covering his eyes, but how do you explain the insanity of the holocaust “scholars” who believe that a layer of soil can make millions of pounds of evidence magically disappear?

So why do the true believers of holocaust orthodoxy accept the magically disappearing Jew “theory” when it’s been scientifically / forensically proven that it’s a fraudulent cognitive illusion? Are they truly insane, or is it because they’re just cowards who can’t handle the shrieks of denier, racist and anti-Semite hurled at anyone who dares to question this nonsensical dogma? Remember, in the “free democracies” of Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland, you can literally be sent to prison for refusing to believe the official lies of the alleged Treblinka holocaust. Of course, the feckless cowards who don’t want to know the truth and lack the character to speak the truth can go about unmolested by the high priests of holocaust orthodoxy in their “free democracies.” But woe to the heretic who dares to ask: “So just where exactly are all these huge mass graves anyway?

To put this UTTERLY ILLOGICAL FRAUD in perspective, it’s like someone claiming that he could murder every single man, woman and child in Montana and magically not leave a single trace of his crime! Do you see how incredibly easy a little common sense, logic and skeptical inquiry cuts right to the bone and exposes the ludicrous fraud of this classic example of the big lie technique? Nothing in the world could be easier to prove than the alleged Treblinka holocaust IF this legend is true. If all the time, money and effort that’s gone into the harassing, arresting, fining and imprisoning of the holocaust heretics went into locating the alleged huge mass graves of Treblinka, then this issue would have been settled years ago. Why do you think the Jews would rather have people sent to prison for not believing their nonsensical manufactured history than actually locating the alleged huge mass graves? Why do you think they incessantly lie about the Treblinka holocaust being a proven historical fact, shriek holocaust denier at and REFUSE TO DEBATE anyone with the intelligence and courage to call them on this ridiculous tall tale? Why do you think they never use the phraseology - scientifically or forensically proven fact? The answer is, of course, because there was no Treblinka holocaust and the alleged homicidal gas chambers were, in reality, DELOUSING FACILITIES. (This is a classic example of what happens when pseudo-intellectuals become so invested in an idea; after a while, even honest mistakes have to be sustained by ignoring and eventually falsifying the facts.)

Every alleged German “death camp” is best understood when looked at as a holocaust within the holocaust. No matter what anyone thinks about the holocaust per se, one thing is eminently clear - the Treblinka holocaust didn’t happen. To believe that the Germans could “obliterate” all evidence of the murder of 870,000 Jews requires incredible gullibility and a lack of intelligence, logic and critical thinking skills. It requires a belief in magic and a rejection of criminology, archeology and forensic science. IF there was a Treblinka holocaust, then there are huge mass graves filled with millions of pounds of crushed bone to prove it. Until the alleged huge mass graves of Treblinka are found - NO mass graves = NO crushed bone = NO burning of bodies = NO homicidal gas chambers = NO mass murder = NO death camp = NO Treblinka holocaust = THE TRUTHTREBLINKA II WAS A TRANSIT CAMP, and the so called gas chambers were, in reality, delousing facilities designed to protect the health and prolong the lives of the shameless liars who fraudulently claimed to be the victims of a genocidal extermination program. It takes a special kind of credulous dullard to believe the preposterous Treblinka holohoax tale and a special kind of self-deceiving coward to deny the significance of this fraud. Remember, there are only two options: extermination center (for those who believe in magic) and TRANSIT CAMP (for those who believe in the scientific method). There is no third option - and only one truth.

NOTE: In 1990, Shmuel Krakowski, the archives director of Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust Center , finally admitted that the Jewish soap story was a lie. This ludicrous atrocity propaganda had been “proven” at the Nuremberg show trial and staunchly defended as irrefutable historical fact for more than 45 years. In jettisoning this absurdity, the holocaust scholars were no more denying history than someone who refuses to believe the absurd Treblinka holocaust legend. They were, in reality, affirming history. But they did it reluctantly. They only admitted the lie because it had become untenable. KRAKOWSKI ADMITTED: “Historians have concluded that soap was not made from human fat. When so many people deny the holocaust ever happened, why give them something to use against the truth?

The truth indeed. Historical “truths” are not exempt from the scientific method! It’s time to locate the alleged huge mass graves of Treblinka, or it’s time to admit that THE TREBLINKA HOLOCAUST STORY IS A LIE: “An article re-evaluating Steiner's book Treblinka recently appeared in the French journal Revue d'histoire de la Shoah. There it was made abundantly plain Treblinka was nothing less than a deliberate attempt to hoodwink the reader into believing the book was a real work of history… Other readers, including many formerly sympathetic and supportive scholars and journalists now complain bitterly of having been intentionally deceived by Steiner and his novel-as-true-history on the Treblinka concentration camp… What he and others insisted in the book's Introduction, Preface, and Afterword was a scholarly chronicle of certain tragic events had, in fact, been a melodramatic novel… When he wrote the most important part of his book… Steiner had finally to confess that he relied almost solely on his own imagination.”

Despite the fact that it’s been over twenty years since Jean-François Steiner admitted that his fraudulent book Treblinka was purely the product of his imagination, this novel-as-true-history, this falsification / forgery, is still readily available for loan in libraries all across America. And it’s still cataloged under non-fiction! How? Because it is now referred to as a “novelized” historical account! (Welcome to the Alice in Wonderland world of holocaust “scholarship,” where holocaust “history” is what the Jews say it is, nothing more - nothing less.) And despite the fact that it’s been well over five years since Krege scientifically / forensically debunked this malicious lie, it’s still being taught as an irrefutable historical fact to students from kindergarten to graduate school. And despite the fact that there isn’t an iota of scientific evidence to back up their claim, the holocaust industry wants you to believe that, despite all these inconvenient facts and uncomfortable truths, the impossible story of the alleged Treblinka holocaust really is true. (Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!) Is this a miraculous coincidence? Or is it simply a new lie that they’re using to cover up their old lies?


Lest you think there must be some truth to the alleged Treblinka holocaust

NAFCASH TM is offering a

$250,000.00 REWARD

For locating JUST ONE of the alleged HUGE MASS GRAVES of Treblinka.

NAFCASH TM presents


You must scientifically - forensically prove the grave’s EXACT location, its EXACT dimensions and its EXACT volumetric density. The cremated remains must total at least one percent of the alleged mass murder.


Even though the scientific method can be (and has been) used to prove or disprove this “historical fact,” here’s an example of how easy just a little skeptical inquiry and honest historiography can be used to expose the Treblinka holohoax for the fraud that it is; Holocaust “expert” Yitzak Arad: All we do have is survivors' evidence and testimony… this is the main source for our information about the camp… No trace of the extermination operation remain.” ( Arad ’s “expert testimony” at the trial of John Demjanjuk.) Yet Treblinka “survivor / eyewitness” Szyja Warszawski claims:The ashes that remained after the burning were thrown back into the pits where the bodies had been dug out earlierFor some pits only the top layer of bodies was dug out. The rest of the bodies were covered over with soil…” ( Warszawski’s “eyewitness testimony” to the Main Commission for the Investigation of the Hitlerite Crimes in Poland .) So who do you believe – the so-called “experts” or the alleged “eyewitnesses?” These contradictory claims can’t both be true. (But they can both be false!) The official Treblinka story is based entirely on fraudulent “eyewitness accounts,” yet numerous “eyewitness accounts” totally contradict the official story. Yet it is literally a thought crime in 15 countries of the world for not simultaneously believing both of these contradictory claims!

But it gets worse. There are many more new lies being told to cover up the old. The holocaust industry’s asinine response to Krege’s scientific / forensic debunking of the alleged Treblinka holocaust is to claim that the reason he found no evidence of the alleged huge mass graves was because the Germans “obliterated” all evidence of their crime. Yet at the same time, MICHAEL SHERMER claims that he’s used the methods of science to prove the orthodox version of the alleged Treblinka holocaust! What’s wrong with this picture? (Other than the fact that he refuses to publish his results.) To illustrate the sophistic machinations that the holocaust industry (which of course includes Shermer and his “Skeptics” Society) has gone through to make this fraudulent claim, look at this montage of quotes from Shermer’s spurious novel-as-true-history - Denying History: “The purpose of this book is to… show precisely, with solid evidence, how we know the Holocaust happened… we must obey the rules of reason and apply the tools of science… Historians both discover and describe the past, just as natural scientists… we can use the methods of science to… marshal the evidence and apply tight logic… This process is practiced by all scientists… historical scientists, geologists, paleontologists and archaeologists, to prove that anything in the past happened… We must review the physical evidence in conjunction with written documents and eyewitness testimonies… As historical scientists, however, we realize that… when the participating scholars play by the rules of science, logic, and reason… hypotheses can be weighed against the evidence… We know that the Holocaust happened through the tried and true method employed by all historical scientists… our book clearly presented the convergence of evidence for how we know the Holocaust happened.”

Well now, that changes everything doesn’t it? If Shermer, who insists that he must see compelling evidence before he believes anything, has proven the holocaust via the scientific method, then there must be tons of tangible physical evidence that proves the alleged Treblinka holocaust, right? But why then didn’t any of this “physical evidence” show up on Krege’s GPR scan? And if the Jews dispute Krege’s results, then why haven’t they conducted their own forensic / GPR examination of Treblinka? They could easily and conclusively prove the alleged Treblinka holocaust in a heartbeat by using real science and modern technology. (IF the story is true.) Why do you think they had to resort to the false “science of history” to counter the real sciences of forensic criminology and archeology?

Of course, those were all rhetorical questions. Denying History is nothing but pure Orwellian rectification of history - damage control to counter the harm that the holocaust truth movement is doing to their sinking ship of lies. THE HOLOCAUST INDUSTRY has sophistically attempted to elevate the study of history into a “science,” then use this newly manufactured science to prove their false history, thus; claiming to repudiate real science without offering an iota of scientific / physical evidence for the alleged Treblinka holocaust. Not a single mass grave. Not a single pound of crushed bone. Not so much as a single tooth! The truth is, they’re trying to blind you with sophistically manufactured science just in case you have the common sense to see through their maliciously manufactured history.

* * * * *


The alleged pure extermination center

The number of alleged eyewitnesses / survivors

The number of alleged murder victims

The alleged method used to magically obliterate all evidence of their crime


40 – 70 *

870,000 **

Dig the bodies out of the “huge mass graves,” burn them on pyres made from railroad rails, sift the bones from the ash, crush the bones, then throw all the teeth, crushed bone and ash back into the “huge mass graves” and cover the remains with a layer of soil


20 – 40 *

250,000 **


2 – 7 *

600,000 **


2 – 4 *

320,000 **

* Depends on the source

** Source – Encyclopedia

of the Holocaust

Total – 2,040,000 – 1/3 of the mythical “sacred six million”


Do you really believe that two million people could be murdered without leaving a trace?

The alleged pure extermination center

The weight of the crushed bone that would have been left behind IF this story is true

The number of teeth that would be mixed in with the alleged millions of pounds of crushed bone


6.351 million pounds *

27.840 million


1.825 million pounds *

8.000 million


4.380 million pounds *

19.200 million


2.336 million pounds *

10.240 million

* Calculations are derived from figures used by Arnulf Neumaier in The Treblinka Holocaust (see below)

To illustrate just how easy it is to debunk the big lie that burning bodies makes them magically disappear, look at the following (chapter 4.3) from Arnulf Neumaier’s THE TREBLINKA HOLOCAUST: “Regarding the claim that the 870,000 corpses were eliminated completely without any trace, we must consider the quantities of ashes that remain… The wood ashes remaining would then have weighed approximately 1,000 metric tons… The ash content of a human body makes up about 5.6% of the body's weight; given a 132 lb. body, this comes to 7.3 lbs. The ashes from the 870,000 burned bodies would thus have weighed 6,387,500 lbs. The total quantity of ashes - wood ashes plus human ashes - would therefore have weighed almost 4,000 metric tons, or 8.6 million pounds, all of which (according to the witnesses) were then mixed with the soil and thrown back into the pits. Even if this quantity of ash had been mixed with the roughly 3.53 million cubic feet of soil excavated from the burial pits, it would be easy to find evidence for human remains of the quantity alleged by the witnesses. It must also be noted that in the incineration of corpses under the conditions specified by the witnesses, the bones would not have turned to ash, but would have remained as bones.”

NOTE: You do understand that even modern cremation techniques don’t reduce bodies to ashes, but rather to BONES, right? Disingenuously referring to the alleged cremated remains as “ashes” rather than correctly referring to them as bones is a crucial component of this big lie / cognitive illusion.

So what’s the Jews’ response when it’s conclusively demonstrated that burning bodies on pyres doesn’t make them magically disappear? “Why, the Germans obliterated all the evidence by crushing the bones,” they shriek. To illustrate how absurd this is, and how easy it is to debunk the crushing-the-bones-equals-obliteration thesis, take a look at these photos of the REAL HOLOCAUST that the allies inflicted on Dresden Germany . (Please view photos 0030.jpg through 0041.jpg.) And what’s the Jews’ response when it’s conclusively demonstrated that crushing bones doesn’t make them magically disappear either? “Why, those evil geniuses reburied the remains in the huge mass graves and then covered it all up with a layer of soil,” they screech. Do you understand the insanity of this? If burning bodies and crushing the bones doesn’t “obliterate” evidence, then how can the simple act of covering the remains with dirt do the trick? To illustrate how easy it is to debunk the burying-the-evidence-equals-obliteration thesis, and to examine the relevance that teeth have on this issue, scroll down to the last question on this link HERE: “Cremation destroys DNA… However, teeth stay pretty intact… During these examinations we can't find DNA, but we can find TEETH”: “As might be expected from a damp cave, bodies buried 3,200 years ago had long since returned to dust. But precise excavation recovered evidence of each individual - their teeth.”

So if Shermer and all the other officially sanctioned holocaust “scholars” can’t offer an iota of tangible physical evidence to back up their fraudulent claim that the alleged Treblinka holocaust has been scientifically proven - not even a single tooth out of an alleged 27 million! - then what’s left for the true believers to cling to in justifying their continued belief in the orthodox version of the Treblinka story? Why the perfect crime / magically disappearing Jew “theory” of course! It simply boggles the mind that it’s necessary to explain to college educated school teachers (just as you would to a three-year-old child), that by covering something up with dirt you’re not actually making it magically disappear. (And we haven’t even touched on the most asinine claim of all - that the Germans were able to burn these millions of bodies by the ingenious “discovery” that by stacking the bodies “just right,” they’ll “catch” fire and magically burn all by themselves - just like fire logs!) Just as astonishing is the fact that even after seeing conclusive proof that the official Treblinka legend is nothing but one PHYSICAL IMPOSSIBILITY after another and that the latest Jewish holocaust is the most grossly exaggerated event of the 20th century, the true believers are totally unaffected by the truth. Why? Because they would then have to admit that the fraudulent Treblinka holocaust is a literal JEWISH CONSPIRACY, and that would make them (gasp!) an anti-Semite!

So what exactly is the significance of the fact that this fraudulent holocaust within the holocaust is a malicious lie? First, the pure extermination center myth cannot stand if the Treblinka cornerstone is pulled. And if the Treblinka holohoax is debunked (which of course it has been), then the equally synthetic pillars of Belzec, Chelmno and Sobibor become untenable and the fraudulent pure extermination center legend collapses. And without the pure extermination center canard, the official version of the final solution becomes untenable, ergo - NO EXTERMINATION PROGRAM! (It’s like pulling on a loose thread of a cheap sweater.) Secondly, it irrefutably proves that not only is the Treblinka holohoax a literal Jewish conspiracy, but also that the orthodox holocaust story is a malicious lie. Even if the Treblinka holohoax is the only remaining segment of the entire holocaust story that is false (which obviously it isn’t), that still makes the holocaust industry’s version of the story a lie. (A story that is only 1% maliciously false is still a lie.) Third, it exposes the Jews’ unconscionable tactic of accusing those who question any aspect of the orthodox holocaust story, no matter how much scientific evidence they have to back up their reasons to be skeptical, as being a “DENIER.”


Eyewitness Yankel Wiernik’s model showing the huge mass graves of Treblinka that allegedly contain the millions of pounds of crushed bone, tens of millions of teeth and tens of thousands of bullets and shell casings.

Now who in their right mind could believe the official story that the Treblinka site was “utterly eradicated” by a layer of soil and couldn’t be detected today with the use of modern archeological / forensic science techniques? Compounding the obvious absurdity that the pseudo “science” of history gives eyewitness testimony more credence than tangible physical evidence (or the lack thereof) is the fact that every single “eyewitness” that helped to historically prove the preposterous Treblinka legend was a shameless PATHOLOGICAL LIAR. Don’t believe it? Then winning THE TREBLINKA CSI CHALLENGE TM should be like taking candy from a baby. (Unless you’re sticking with the perfect crime / magically disappearing Jew “theory.”) If however, you acknowledge the fact that Treblinka is a literal Jewish conspiracy (And what honest, intelligent person wouldn’t?), wait until you examine the absurd lies of the other three alleged pure extermination centers and Babi Yar . They’re essentially mirror images of the Treblinka fairy tale replete with the asinine millions of pounds of magically disappearing evidence yarn. And if the camp with the most alleged “eyewitnesses / survivors” has been scientifically debunked, then what are the chances that the absurd legends of the other camps are true?

Since Michael Shermer (the president of the “Skeptics” Society and publisher of “SKEPTIC” magazine) has such disdain for real skeptics (i.e. - intelligent / logical people who refuse to share his delusion that millions of Jews can magically vanish from the face of the earth without leaving a trace), “SKEPTIC” magazine should be more than willing to publish the results of any scientific investigation that claims to have proven that the largest of the asinine pure extermination center legends has been forensically proven to be a fact. Therefore, all one has to do to become a claimant for THE TREBLINKA CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION CHALLENGE TM reward is to have said claims / results published in “SKEPTIC” Magazine. Now, just how hard should it be for the we-must-see-compelling-evidence-before-we-believe sham “Skeptics” Society to prove just 1% of the alleged mass murder at Treblinka IF the official story is true?

To all those who want to put an end to holocaust denial and who still believe that the deniers are crazy when they talk about Jewish conspiracies (But your belief in magically disappearing Jews is sane, right?), then why haven’t you accepted THE TREBLINKA CSI CHALLENGE TM? And why don’t you ASK MICHAEL SHERMER why, if he so desperately yearns to earn the title of Righteous Gentile, does he refuse to take advantage of the golden opportunity that NAFCASH TM is giving him to help stop holocaust denial? And while you’re challenging Shermer, why don’t you remind him of what he wrote in his deluding novel DENYING HISTORY:We also traveled to the camps themselves, to… Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec… to test the claims that no mass murders… took place by intention at these camps.” Really? Did he conduct scientific tests using the real sciences of forensic criminology and archaeology? If not, why? And if so, then why does he refuse to publish the results? And why don’t you ask him how he rationalizes his cowardly refusal to debate true skeptics who expose his gross hypocrisy and illusory “testing of the claims” with this other quote from Denying History: “Others have argued that to meet with the deniers or answer their claims is to validate them, but we believe that to let their arguments go unanswered presents the greater danger.” So why does Michael Shermer refuse to answer NAFCASH’s TM questions and/or accept its challenges?

If “the world’s foremost skeptic” (who insists his sophomoric CONVERGENCE OF EVIDENCE theory historically proves the holocaust), can’t scientifically locate even one of the alleged huge mass graves of Treblinka and can’t forensically prove even 1% of this absurd myth, then what does that say about the veracity of this so-called historically proven fact? Shermer’s sophistry is akin to a scientist claiming that he has proven the great flood / Noah’s Ark fable by using nothing but bible verses! What we’re challenging anyone to prove is undeniably a scientifically knowable truth and a forensically provable fact. Anyone who believes otherwise is delusional. That is of course, IF the legend is true. Don’t believe it? The following is from holocaust “scholar” Yitzhak Arad’s deluding novel (which was written to rectify the damage that was done to the Treblinka holohoax by Steiner’s embarrassing confession of fraud / forgery) BELZEC, SOBIBOR, TREBLINKA, chapter 23 - The Erasure of the Crimes: “The camp command was confronted with the problem of disposing of the large piles of ash and bits of bone that remained… Ultimately it was decided to dump the ash and bits of bone into the ditches that had previously held the bodies and to cover them with a thick layer of sand and dirt… [“Eyewitness”] Abraham Goldfarb relates: …’we secretly placed in the walls of the graves whole skeletons and we wrote on scraps of paper what the Germans were doing at Treblinka. We put the scraps of paper into bottles, which we placed next to the skeletons. Our intention was that if one day someone looked for traces of the Nazis’ crimes, they could indeed be found.’”

NOTE: Historical “truths” are not exempt from THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD. Exposing the lies of the holocaust, the fraud of the final solution and the criminal Jewish conspiracy of the nonsensical pure extermination centers is not “denying” the holocaust. Using the scientific method to prove that the largest mass gravesite in the history of mankind is, in reality, a fraudulent hoax is not “denying” the holocaust. Refusing to accept a logically absurd, demonstratively false, scientifically debunked historical event is not “denying” that something happened. Just because the dull- uding “experts” lack the curiosity to examine, the intelligence to understand, the courage to accept, the integrity to acknowledge and the character to speak the truth about this fraudulent COGNITIVE ILLUSION does not make a skeptic of the official holocaust story a “denier.” (By the way, you cannot “deny” something that never happened.)

Michael Shermer accuses real skeptics of denying history because, in part, they refuse to share his delusional belief that the Germans were able to murder millions of Jews without leaving a trace. In his sophomoric and sophistic attempt to “prove” this accusation, he has denied forensic science, criminology and archeology. In accusing others of practicing pseudo history, he not only has engaged in it himself, but also had to forgo the scientific method and the very fundamental principles of skepticism which he claims guides his belief system. In his own words, again from Denying History: “The best way to beat a lie detector is to believe the lie yourself… Deception becomes self-deception.” Really? Well then, let’s use the alleged Treblinka holocaust as a case study in denial and self-deception. Here’s another montage of Michael Shermer quotes from Denying History: “The culmination of years of research… our purpose… to present the historical facts that refute Holocaust denial… To debunk the deniers can’t we just go there and see them for ourselves? The answer, of course, is yes.”… We can no longer ignore the deniers, calling them names and hoping they will go away… We cannot remain silent anymore. It’s time to respond… Not only is it defensible to respond to the deniers, it is, we believe, our duty… Many of our arguments draw on specialized research into the claims of the deniers that took us… to the Nazi extermination camps themselves… we went to Europe to conduct research at the camps, in particular at Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec We wanted to see for ourselves just what evidence there is at the camps and to take the opportunity to examine firsthand the claims Much of the research is the type of work professional historians normally do… analyzing ground and aerial photographs in order to make proper interpretations, we must review the physical evidenceLike criminologists solving a crime, we piece together the myriad bits of evidence until a conclusion emerges from the morass of data… How is it that so much physical evidence can come to be doubted?

“Reviewing the physical evidence?” - “Analyzing ground and aerial photographs?” - “Like criminologists solving a crime?” Well now Michael, real skeptics and scholars have been waiting for years for you to publish the results of your alleged firsthand examination of the physical evidence and analysis of aerial photographs of Treblinka. If you’re so incredulous that people can come to doubt so much physical evidence and photographic proof, then why do you refuse to publish the results of your alleged research? If there’s so much physical evidence – then let’s see it! What’s wrong Shermer? Your silence is deafening. What happened to your duty to respond? (After all, you do want to put an end to holocaust denial – don’t you?) Who’s self-deceiving? Who’s denying the REAL HISTORY of Treblinka? Who’s denying common sense, iron logic, critical thinking, forensic science and the fundamental principles of skeptical inquiry and the scientific method? Who’s denying reality?


Treblinka right before the Jews obscuration (and consecration) of the site with their delusive shrine.

Can you locate the alleged huge mass graves that Michael Shermer claims he’s proven exist?

Maybe these “eyewitness / survivor” MAPS OF TREBLINKA will help.

So why are the billion dollar per-year holocaust industry and its fawning front men at the “Skeptics” Society afraid to honestly apply the scientific method to the fairy tale known as the Treblinka holocaust? It really is this incredibly simple: The alleged Treblinka holocaust literally stands or falls on the existence of the alleged huge mass graves, and the nonsensical lies of Belzec, Chelmno and Sobibor become untenable (as if they’re not already!) if the truth about Treblinka is exposed. Are you beginning to understand why the Jews have gotten holocaust denial (Jewish code name for THE TRUTH) to be a criminal offense in 15 countries of the world? And the “Skeptics” Society is aiding and abetting them in this immoral inquisition! And to add insult to injury, they’re prostituting themselves to the holocaust industry under the guise of skeptical inquiry and the scientific method! That explains why the alleged Treblinka holocaust had to be “proven” with the “science of history” instead of real science and tangible physical evidence. (The only other explanation for this craven refusal to apply the scientific method to scientifically knowable truths and forensically provable facts is that the logically retarded pseudo-skeptics at the Schleptics Society actually believe in magically disappearing Jews!) Of course, if all these charges are unfounded, then it begs the question: Why does Michael SHAMMER refuse to publish the findings of his alleged investigation which he claims he conducted at Treblinka? (Odd behavior for a “scientist” who claims he wants to put an end to holocaust denial – isn’t it?)

NOTE: Are you aware that the Jews and their minions have gotten laws passed in nine states – California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New York and Washington, that mandate that this NONSENSICAL, religiously based atrocity propaganda be taught to our children as “irrefutable historical fact?” (Laws that sanctify an “official version” of any historical event are the first step in criminalizing contradictory interpretations.) Every time a teacher vomits up the lies of holocaustianity onto his students, he’s brainwashing them with maliciously manufactured false history based on Jewish mythology. Any educator who doesn’t understand why the Zionists can’t accept a lower figure than the sacred six million and/or who still believes that the total number of Jewish deaths “doesn’t matter,” shouldn’t even be allowed in a classroom. (If it doesn’t matter, then why is it illegal in 15 countries of the world for heretics to reveal that the actual figure is far less than the sacred six million? It’s analogous to being imprisoned for “denying” the “fact” that the earth is six thousand years old! And if the truth doesn’t matter, then why not pass laws that mandate that our children be taught that Iraq really did have WMDs?) Remember, you don’t have to say that the holocaust didn’t happen to be branded a HOLOCAUST DENIER; all you have to do is suggest that the six million figure is an exaggeration.

RECAP: Burning bodies destroys all evidence? DEBUNKED . Crushing bones destroys all evidence? DEBUNKED. Putting millions of pounds of crushed bone into huge pits and covering it over with a layer of soil destroys all evidence? DEBUNKED. Michael Shermer’s deluding boast that he’s proven the orthodox version of the holocaust / final solution / pure extermination centers? Easily, logically, scientifically, forensically and irrefutably DEBUNKED: That's the only way to understand this subject. It has to be studied carefully… If you slow down and look carefully at the logic, his ‘jumping together’ illusion doesn't work… Shermer has set up his argument in such a way that the ordinary methods of logic don't apply… This is like a shell game: you have to watch what he's doing… The Shermer principle is not logic… The jumping together phenomenon is how illusionists produce their illusions.”


Please note that every effort was made to give Michael Shermer an opportunity to rebut the contents of this site.

The following email is just one example that illustrates the numerous opportunities that were afforded him.

From: “Greg Gerdes”
Subject: Your refusal to debate me
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 14:16:56 –0700

“… This will be the third and last time that I challenge you to a debate. I will have no other recourse than to assume that your continued craven refusal to address my questions and charges constitutes undeniable proof that you are in fact a coward, hypocrite and fraud… Let me reiterate the basis of my charges… you claim to have visited Treblinka itself (as well as Belzec and Sobibor) to… “Test the claims that no mass murders, especially by gassing, took place by intention at these camps.”… So, for the record, just what scientific tests did you conduct at Treblinka in the first place and just how did the Treblinka holocaust pass these so-called scientific tests and where EXACTLY are these alleged “mass graves” of Treblinka that you claim exist and just how EXACTLY is it that you know for sure that they contain the crushed bone and ash of the alleged 870,000 murdered people at Treblinka? Simple, reasonable and logical questions from a REAL skeptic, based on skeptical inquiry and the scientific method. We’re waiting Mike!”

And what kind of a response do you think we got from Mr. “We cannot remain silent anymore. It’s time to respond?” Silence of course! Why? Because this obsequious Shabbas Goy is one of the holocaust industry’s most prized imprimaturs. (To be fair, he did send a very short reply to one email, but he mealy-mouthed his way around the subject of debate and he refused to answer any questions concerning his alleged research.) As the holocaust scholar Paul Grubach so poignantly noted after his equally unsuccessful attempt to debate Shermer: “Will Dr. Shermer accept my challenge? I doubt it. When he crossed swords with revisionist historian Mark Weber, it was a disaster for Shermer and the traditional view of the Holocaust. Weber made Holocaust revisionism look too good for Shermer’s liking, and the traditional view of the Holocaust severely deficient. Furthermore, many who saw the debate said that Shermer appeared amateurish, and at times, even foolish. Since that disaster, Shermer has never (to my knowledge) engaged another Holocaust revisionist in public debate. It appears as though Shermer is fearful of undermining the media-created, public image of himself as the “Great Guru of Skepticism.” To cross swords with Holocaust revisionists would call public attention to the severe deficiencies in his own work and Holocaust historiography in general. His strategy seems to be as follows: Never again engage a revisionist in debate, just write about them in mainstream, establishment media outlets. In this way, he can selectively create any image of revisionists and revisionist historiography he so chooses, without ever having to worry about the negative fallout resulting from an expose of the fallacies, errors and omissions in his work on the Holocaust.”

And speaking of deliberate omissions, there are a few more important things to know about Shermer’s deluding novel Denying History and his bogus claim that he’s an unbiased historian. Shermer’s co-author, Alex Grobman? Jew. The book’s forward author, Arthur Hertzberg? Jew. The book’s cover endorsement author, Jared Diamond? Jew. The six people prominently thanked in the book’s acknowledgments section, Samuel Goetz, Herbert Gelfand, John Fishel, Avner Shalev, Motti Shalem and Marcia Reines Josephy? Jews all. The well over fifty others who were thanked in the book’s acknowledgments section? The list may not be comprised entirely of Jews, but it reads like a Tel Aviv phone book. The three organizations under whose auspices the book was written, The S. Mark Taper Foundation, The Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles and The Leslie and Susan Gonda ( Goldschmied) Foundation? Jewish organizations all. And get this! The organization that shares the novel’s copyrights with Shermer and Grobman? The Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust! If you still believe that this Judophile is unbiased, click HERE:

You testified that there was no forensic evidence of Treblinka… However, there appears to already exist considerable forensic evidence of Treblinka… the excavation… failed to discover any residue of human bones… Thus, given all of the above, it seems inconceivable that you were unaware of the existence of the two forensic investigations of Treblinka that appear to have been conducted… Or did you suppress it?

If Shermer is unbiased, then why did he intentionally try to suppress the findings of these and other FORENSIC INVESTIGATIONS? And why didn’t he mention the fact that Steiner’s book TREBLINKA was proven to be a fraud and that Steiner himself admitted that his book was a forgery? Did Shermer attempt to put this down the memory-hole also because his “proof” of the alleged Treblinka holocaust is based entirely on Steiner’s false “eyewitnesses?” Denying History is nothing more than the same lies rehashed in a new book, but this time - it’s fraudulently repackaged under the guise of “science.” Do you see how Shermer has attempted to rewrite history by using propaganda by omission? That is why he suppressed Krege’s GPR scan of Treblinka in order to make his science of history claptrap sound plausible. He also shamelessly declares in Denying History - “We must be forthright and honest about what we know and do not know about the holocaust.” And, “It is the duty of informed experts on a subject to share their knowledge.” And, “Truth will always win out when the evidence is made available for all to see.” Are you beginning to understand why this sycophant Shabbas Goy (whose “Skeptic” Society, by the way, is literally infested with Jews) is considered by true skeptics to be a shameless fraud and the Quisling of the skeptical community?


Lest you think there must be some truth to the asinine pure extermination center canard

(Thats the psychology of the big-lie technique at work)

NAFCASH TM is also offering a


For locating JUST ONE of the alleged HUGE MASS GRAVES that contains JUST ONE PERCENT

of the alleged mass murder at Belzec, Chelmno or Sobibor.

NAFCASH TM presents


You must scientifically - forensically prove the grave’s EXACT location, its EXACT dimensions and its EXACT volumetric density. The cremated remains must total at least one percent of the alleged mass murder.


To illustrate just how incredibly easy winning THE FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE TM should be IF the official version of the holocaust / final solution / pure extermination centers is true, click HERE: Using forensic tools common to all criminal investigations today, Mr. O'Neil's scrutiny gives clear proof of the killings despite the attempts to destroy this evidence‘It does not matter how big the crime is as such - it could have been 800,000 people or one person - the detection, or forensic investigation, is exactly the same as long as the correct procedures are adopted,’ he said… By using the archaeology of the Holocaust excavations at Belzec in a similar way to forensic scrutiny, O'Neil discovered that the Nazis had dug up all the bodies, burnt them and ground the bones down and put them back in 33 pits… some big enough to contain 80,000 bodies… ‘Not only did they dig up all the bodies, burnt them and ground the bones up, but they then put them all back and grassed the graves over. So they have been intact there for the last 60 odd years.’”

This is the “Kola map” that allegedly shows the location of 800,000 Jews buried in 33 mass graves.

So they have been intact there for the last 60 odd years? Say what? What happened to “utterly eradicated?” What happened to “totally obliterated?” What’s wrong with this picture? (Other than the fact that Robin O’Neil lied about “using forensic tools common to all criminal investigations today” and that no one has used the Kola map to lay claim to THE FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE TM reward.) Do you see the conundrum that the Jews and their “skeptical” minions have lied themselves into? For years the official versions of the alleged Treblinka and Belzec holocausts were VIRTUALLY IDENTICAL; then suddenly, the masters of the big lie technique claim that the Belzec fable has been scientifically - forensically proven (though they provide no GPR evidence at all), yet with the same breath they claim that not an iota of tangible physical evidence remains at Treblinka! These contradictory claims can’t both be true. (But they can both be false!) This is pure ORWELLIAN doublethinking. (The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously and accepting both of them.) If you would like to know the truth about this fraudulent “investigation” (which, by the way, was carried out under the auspices of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum), click HERE: “Here we have this book with all the high falootin names and institutions attached and yet one little kid with a toy plastic shovel could show the whole thing to be the total nonsense it is.”

However, BELZEC isn’t the only holocaust within the holocaust in which the Jews have lied themselves into a corner. The Jews and their minions have claimed that they’ve found huge mass graves at Chelmno and Sobibor also. To see how easy it is to understand the fraudulent hoax perpetuated at these two alleged pure exterminations centers, click HERE: Polish archaeologists have found mass graves at the Sobibor extermination camp - damning evidence that gives the lie to Holocaust deniers.” Damning to the deniers? Really? Then why does THE FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE TM reward remain unclaimed? Isn’t it interesting that after years of claiming that the Germans obliterated all evidence of their crimes at the alleged pure extermination centers and just as their cognitive illusion is being exposed via the scientific method, the Jews start claiming that they’ve proven the veracity of this hoax by using the real sciences of archeology and criminology? But notice that they’ve yet to claim that they’ve located any mass graves at Treblinka! Now why do you think that is? Do you think it’s because they resorted to every dirty trick in the book, including MURDER, to enforce the dogma that the Germans made 870,000 Jews magically disappear there? Notice also that they refuse to scientifically verify and legitimize any of these claims with NONINVASIVE REMOTE SCANNING TECHNOLOGY such as - aerial infrared photography, thermographic infrared multispectral scanning, imaging radar, soil resistivity mapping, ground penetrating radar, magnetometer mapping, geophysical diffraction tomography and/or geographic information system mapping. Why do you think they resort to lying about rather than actually using this readily available technology?

The four holocausts of Belzec, Chelmno, Sobibor and Treblinka constitute one third of the entire sacred six million myth, and, notwithstanding the fraudulent claims to the contrary, have never been proven. Of course, the reason why they’ve never been proven is - these holocausts within the holocaust didn’t happen. However, if you lack the courage to accept this fact, if you deny the truth about the holocaust, the final solution and the pure extermination centers, then the ball is in your court. The supporters of the NAFCASH TM challenges have put their money where their mouths are, and it’s time for the criminally fraudulent holocaust industry, their mealy-mouthed “skeptical” minions, their bought whores in the media and their servile Judas-Goats in our government indoctrination centers to put up or shut up. And since the Archaeology Institute of America has explicitly endorsed the veracity of the official version of the holocaust / pure extermination centers and the authenticity of these alleged archeological investigations / findings, ARCHAEOLOGY MAGAZINE (published by said institute) should be more than willing to publish the results of any scientific investigation that claims to have proven that these asinine pure extermination center legends have been forensically proven to be a fact. Therefore, all one has to do to become a claimant for THE FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE TM reward is to have said claims / results published in ARCHAEOLOGY Magazine.

NOTE: The above Archaeology Magazine article / link concerning Chelmno contains the following quote: “’It’s one thing to hear about the crematory, it’s another to stand inside an enormous pit that is filled with human bones,’ says Krzysztof Gorczycae.’” An enormous pit that is filled with human bones? Really? Then why are there no photographs that prove it? There are fourteen photographs accompanying this article, yet not one that shows this alleged enormous pit! Isn’t it odd that a magazine article intended to verify this archeological investigation doesn’t include any legitimate photographic proof of this allegedly proven holocaust within the holocaust? Why is it that it only includes irrelevant photographs and REVERENT NONSENSE about the trash that’s being dug out of an old refuse pit? The only thing that this deluding article gives us is a fraudulent, maliciously fabricated and emotionally charged mental image (i.e. – a cognitive illusion) of an alleged “enormous pit that is filled with human bones.” And if Chelmno isn’t just another holohoax within the holohoax, then why does Juliet Golden, the Jewish author of this spurious ARCHAEOLOGY Magazine article, refuse to accept THE FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE TM?

Aside from the obvious fact that there was no Chelmno holocaust, the answer to that question can be found HERE: “Dr. Lucja Pawlicka Nowak, who is in charge of the new ( Chelmno) museum: ’ We don’t dig inside the gravesIn our research of the graves, we just marked off their width.’” Say what? How can you stand inside a grave if you don’t dig inside it? These contradictory claims can’t both be true. (But they can both be false!) Do you see how incredibly easy a little skeptical inquiry and research exposes the malicious fraud of this classic example of the big lie technique? However, if you still believe Jew-lie-t Golden’s illusion that this mystery pit is for real, then surely it represents at least 1% of the alleged mass murder at CHELMNO. So what are you waiting for? Just how hard should it be to scientifically – forensically prove its existence and lay claim to THE FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE TM reward? (After all, you do want to put an end to holocaust denial - don’t you?)


And finally, lest you’ve given credence to the most vacuous holocaust within the holocaust of them all

(Thats the result of a lifetime of incessant brainwashing at work)

THE FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE TM also includes the alleged holocaust at Babi Yar .

* * * * *

If you can imagine a more absurd and untenable holocaust within the holocaust than Treblinka, it would be BABI YAR: “ ’On the tenth day [after the shooting] we were driven to Lukianova [ Babi Yar ] ravine. We stood there panic-stricken. From beneath the freshly strewn earth streamed rivers of blood. It cried to us from under the earth. My hair turned gray that morning’… ‘With her little son [she] miraculously escaped untouched by the bullets from under a heap of warm bloody bodies… thousands of bodies piled on top of each other… Nevertheless the Germans filled the ravine in; the thin layer of soil moved visibly But in the case of Babi Yar , witnesses and allegations are blindly given full credence even though they contradict each other and claim the silliest impossibilitiesBut also in this case, no one ever took the trouble of confirming the various allegations and witness statements by means of detailed forensic investigations.”

Now where have we heard this claptrap before? Babi Yar is a mirror image of the Treblinka fairy tale replete with the asinine magically disappearing Jew yarn. Yes, it’s the same old murder, bury, dig up, burn, crush the bones and rebury, i.e. – “obliterate” the entire evidence story. Only Babi Yar doesn’t even have the transit camp grain of truth for a foundation that Treblinka has. And just like Treblinka, there isn’t a single mass grave, pound of crushed bone or even a single tooth that the Jews can produce to verify their LUDICROUS CLAIM: What is now coming to the fore is incontrovertible proof that no massacre took place at Babi Yar during the German occupation of Kiev; that the ravine was not used as a mass grave for Jews killed by the Germans… The wartime aerial photos of Kiev provide incontrovertible proof that the so-called historic documentation of the Babi Yar massacre represents fabricated wartime propaganda…”

Are you beginning to understand how these cognitive illusions work? Do you see how the holocaust industry uses half-truths, FRAUDULENT “EYEWITNESS” TESTIMONY and emotionally charged photographs to short-circuit your ability to reason? Do you see how easy it is to see through their lies when you open your eyes and think for yourself? Remember, holocaust “$ cholar$hip” isn’t designed to get you to think - it’s designed to make you believe - and REVERENTLY so! Remember also, IF there was a Babi Yar holocaust, then there are huge mass graves to prove it. For each alleged murder victim, there is at least one bullet and shell casing, so one could easily locate these alleged huge mass graves with a cheap metal detector IF they actually existed. Don’t forget, the COUNTERFEIT ARCHEOLOGIST Robin O’Neil claims that “It does not matter how big the crime is... the detection, or forensic investigation, is exactly the same as long as the correct procedures are adopted.” So what are you waiting for? For THE BABI YAR LIE, you don’t even have to prove 1 %! All you have to do is prove the location of just one mass grave that contains the cremated remains of just 100 people. (The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum claims that the cremated remains of 100,000 people are buried at Babi Yar.)

RECAP: The orthodox version of the holocaust is filled with nonsensical atrocity propaganda based on half-truths and lies and the impossible tall-tales of “eyewitness testimony,” forced “confessions” and counterfeit “investigations.” In fact, the fraudulent claims that it’s been scientifically proven are as laughably transparent as the original big lie that over two million Jews were murdered in the “pure extermination centers” and the subsequent magically disappearing Jew excuse used in lieu of corpus delicti in the show trials. The maliciously fabricated cognitive illusion of the officially sanctioned (and Jewish sanctified) holocaust / final solution story is so vacuous, that one has to question the intelligence, courage, character and sanity of those who, after being exposed to the truth, continue to believe, espouse and teach the orthodox version of the event. It’s analogous to someone still believing the big lie / cognitive illusion that Iraq really did have “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” The illusionary pure extermination centers were simply the WMDs of WWII.

Now, if you lack courage to accept and/or the integrity to acknowledge the fact that there were no holocausts within the holocaust at the alleged “pure extermination centers” (including Babi Yar, that means that, at the very least, 36 % of the holocaust didn’t happen), and that these fraudulently fabricated cognitive illusions are literal government / Jewish conspiracies and irrefutable proof that the orthodox version of the holocaust is a malicious lie, then ask yourself this one simple question: Why do the NAFCASH TM rewards remain unclaimed? Remember, the sham “skeptic” Michael Shermer claims that he’s “shown precisely, with solid evidence” that these holocausts happened and the equally spurious Robin O’Neil claims that he’s scientifically – forensically proven the existence of huge mass graves at Belzec which contain the remains of 800,000 Jews. (Which begs the question: Why haven’t they accepted THE FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE TM?) However, if you lack the intelligence to understand that these claims are as fraudulently transparent as those who made them, if you childishly insist on believing the Jew’s big lies about the alleged huge mass graves (some allegedly located, some not) and you sincerely want to put an end to holocaust denial, then here are your literal treasure maps of BABI YAR, BELZEC, CHELMNO & SOBIBOR.

If it couldnt have happened - as alleged, then it didnt happen - as alleged.

(Just what part of physically impossible do you not understand?)


* * * * *


According to the orthodox holocaust story, the Germans set up six “extermination camps” in Poland where Jews were allegedly murdered in homicidal gas chambers. Now that you’ve witnessed firsthand how the four “pure extermination centers” have been exposed as historical frauds via the scientific method, look at what skeptical inquiry and common sense has done to the other two alleged “extermination camps.” (To fully understand something, you must study its beginning and development.)

* * * * *





Death Toll


Death Toll

Source Verification


“Proven” at the

Nuremberg show trial





Jewish “historian”

Lucy Dawidowicz



The War Against

The Jews


Official Polish

government sources





Camp museum


1,100,000 *

78,000 *




Documents found in

Russian archives




Percent of this holocaust within the holocaust - THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN

98.172 %

97.185 %



* These are MAXIMUM figures that virtually all Jewish and Shabbas Goy “historians now accept as fact

The “judicially proven” 5.5 million deaths at Auschwitz and Majdanek was the bait & switch foundation that the Jews needed to play their fraudulent “historically proven” shell game.

Even the Jews have been forced to admit that; the alleged Auschwitz holocaust was exaggerated by no less than 364 %; the alleged Majdanek holocaust was exaggerated by no less than 1,923 %; and just the 4.322 million reduction of the Auschwitz / Majdanek death tolls alone represents 72 % of the original holocaust story - that didn’t happen. (Remember, this is using maximum figures that the Jews themselves accept!) Now, add that 72 % that didn’t happen to the 36 % figure from the “pure extermination centers” that didn’t happen, and you get, at the very least, 108 % of the original holocaust story - that didn’t happen! How can this be you ask? Welcome to the Alice in Wonderland world of holocaust math! Can you believe that the Jews have gotten laws passed in 15 countries of the world that literally makes it a crime to say that the holocaust legend is exaggerated? Are you beginning to understand why the Jews are so terrified that the truth will out about this fraudulent hoax that they’ve gone so far as faking investigations to buttress their “judicially proven” history? (Which is falling apart at the seams.) Are you beginning to understand the reason for the INQUISITION?

NOTE: The reason the numbers are so outrageously incongruent is part and parcel of the big lie technique. They’ve never added up, and were never designed to - they’ve been contrived to create and compound complication and confusion. The numbers bandied about by holocaust “scholars” are all over the place, and have been constantly changing for over 65 years. (Which begs the question; how can a “proven fact” constantly evolve?) Nobody is supposed to notice that the death toll figures have been dropping like a stone, but when they do, they’re attacked as anti-Semitic deniers, arrested, fined and put in prison. This is how the “free democracies” have prevented real skeptical inquiry and honest historiography into this fraudulent shell game. (This is especially true for the Germans, who are still paying reparations to Israel based on the figures “proven” at Nuremberg .) Just like holocaust “history,” holocaust “math” is simply what the Jews say it is, nothing more - nothing less.

The latest Jewish holocaust is simply Jewish MYTHOLOGY disguised as history. To better understand this fact, it’s imperative that you read the anthology below. It will also help you understand why the Jewish supremacists, along with their Christian Zionist dupes (and their servile Judas Goats in the media and our government indoctrination centers), maliciously define telling the truth about the holocaust as a hate crime and are working frantically to undermine the First Amendment and stifle free speech by literally contriving a new inquisition. (You must understand that their ultimate goal is to make it illegal for ANYONE - ANYWHERE to question the veracity of their fraudulent, self-serving “sacred six million” myth.) If you’re finding all this hard to accept, then ask yourself this: Why did the Jews make the claim that six million of their co-religionists perished in a holocaust during WW I? (Yes, that’s WORLD WAR ONE!) There’s a reason why the malicious lies of the holocaust and the fraudulent, cognitive illusions of the “pure extermination centers” were contrived in the first place and are still being told after 65 years.

* * * * *


And the underlying reason for all the trouble in the Middle East.

The Jews theft of Palestine has resulted in Israel being condemned in 68 U.N. resolutions.

View the list of Israel ’s U.N. violations HERE.

We shall establish ourselves in Palestine whether you like it or not.”

Jewish / Zionist leader – Chaim Weizmann – Published in “ Judische Rundschau,” No. 4, 1920.

* * * * *

The ILLEGITIMATE state of Israel literally owes its existence to the grossly exaggerated and in many cases maliciously fabricated holocaust story; The official holocaust story is utterly dependent upon the sacred six million myth; The sacred six million myth is utterly dependent upon the exterminationist’s fraudulent version of the final solution; And the final solution canard is utterly dependent upon the orthodox version of the alleged pure extermination centers. The mythology of Judaism was used as the impetus for WW II atrocity propaganda (which didn’t “take” during WW I), which begot the show trials / German re-education scheme, which morphed into post war support-for-Israel propaganda, which has metastasized into the current incessant brainwashing and LITERAL INQUISITION. If the holocaust / sacred six million prophecy hadn’t been allegedly fulfilled, then the rebirth of the state of Israel could not have been legitimate in the eyes of the Orthodox Jews / Christian Zionists. And without the creation of Israel, there could be no building of the Third Temple on the Mount. And without the building of the Third Temple , there could be no coming of the Jewish messiah or the second coming of Jesus. And of course without all this, there could be no End Times / Rapture / Apocalypse / Armageddon, etc.

In order to fully understand the RELIGIOUS significance of the latest Jewish holocaust (which is Torah prophecy that had to be fulfilled before there could be a rebirth of Israel ), you must understand its fundamental significance to events in the world today. (They are directly related to the lies that were used to justify the United States invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq .) The following articles will give you a basic understanding of how the holocaust myth is used to justify the U.S. governments unfailing support of Israel’s BRUTAL SUBJUGATION of the Palestinians and why it is directly related to the whole End Times / Rapture / Apocalypse / Armageddon / Cult of Israel nonsense. To better understand these incontrovertible facts, please read the following anthology:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20:

“Jewish prophecies in the Torah require that 6 million Jews must ‘vanish’ before the state of Israel can be formed. ‘You shall return minus 6 million.’ That's why Tom Segev, an Israeli historian, declared that the ‘sacred 6 million’ is an attempt to transform the holocaust story into state religion… Those six million, according to prophecy, had to disappear in ‘burning ovens,’ which the judicial version of the holocaust now authenticates… ‘Without the Holocaust, there would be no Jewish State.’”

* * * * *

So how does it feel to find out that you’ve been lied to your entire life for the benefit of Jews, Israel and ZIONISM? Remember, all lies are told for a reason. Historical fabrications and exaggerations (and/or the outright SUPPRESSION OF THE TRUTH) are told to alter your perceptions and create a false reality. (Those who control the past control the present.) If your beliefs are based on half-truths and lies (half-truths make the most convincing lies), then you are being maliciously misled by those who control the foundation of your reality - your “knowledge.” If your knowledge is not based on the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, then your reality is simply the creation of what the Zionist propagandists want it to be. False knowledge creates false reality.

Who benefits from your maliciously altered perceptions and resultant false reality?

Why do people continue to believe in physical impossibilities even after being confronted with incontrovertible facts that refute them? Because you can’t convince a true believer of anything, for their beliefs are not based on science and reason, they’re based on faith and a deep-seated need to believe. Hence, most propaganda isn’t designed to fool the critical thinker, but rather;

Only to give self-deceiving cowards an excuse not to think at all.

* * * * *