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Monday, 7 January 2008


Count John Gudenus, a member of the Austrian 2nd chamber (Bundesrat or "Federal Chamber") of parliament, has again stated in a allegedly "lawful correct statement" (remember that the direct denial of gas-chambers is a crime and must be persecuted with jail not under two years...) that "there were no gas chambers in GERMANY - only in poland..." - and moreover sees no cause for an "apology" for that remark - as he didn't "question the basic existance of gas chambers"...

Recently he has been freed from accusation by a court on his statements of "I don't want to comment on the Holocaust, as I will stay by the officially 'ordered' version..." as the court accepted that it was legitim to express "doubts" - as Gudenus said he was expressing doubts furtheron on the Government, the EU, and so it must be legitim to express doubts on other matters in principle as well. As he don't sees the Austrian Parliament as a "moral institution" he sees no point to be condemned about his remarks - e.g. by laying back his functions in the chamber...
No gas chambers in Nazi Third Reich: Gudenus

VIENNA - There were no gas chambers in the Nazi Third Reich, said John Gudenus, a far-right member of the Austrian parliament, on Wednesday.

They were only in Poland, said Gudenus, adding "That's what it says in the schoolbooks."

Gudenus is already under fire for having cast doubt on the existence of Nazi gas chambers. "I never said I doubted the existence of gas chambers in principle", the MP said in an interview in the newspaper Der Standard.

The state prosecution recently decided not to start proceedings against Gudenus under the law against Nazi revivalism for merely having personal doubts.

There has been a row for months about statements by Gudenus and a
fellow member of the second chamber of the Austrian parliament about the Nazi era. Siegfried Kampl, who is due to become the chamber's president on 1 July, said there had been "persecution of Nazis" in Austria after World War Two.

All parties are trying to block Kampl becoming president, and want to change the constitution to stop him.

Shortly after Kampl's remarks, Gudenus cast doubt on the existence of gas chambers, but did not yet go so far as to deny that there had been any in the Third Reich.

Israeli ambassador Dan Ashbel said that the Austrian public and government must deal with this problem seriously....

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Firstly, NOT ALL PARTIES were "trying to block" Kampl as president of the Austrian 2nd chamber. There has been a political "game" going on - as mainly it was aimed at - NOT to allow changing the Austrian constitution on that very point - as has been asked by the Green Party and the Social Democrats, currently in opposition. Thees two parties wanted to change certain basic laws for making it impossible that Kampl would (automatically, in rotation post) become President of the Austrian second chamber.

Sigfried Kampl had referred to Austrian deserters of WWII Germany's armed forces as "assassins of battle comrades" - which caused the beforementioned "uproar"...

How "democracy" is understood you can see best by the statement and announcing of the head of the Austrian Green Party Alexander Van Der Bellen: "We cannot tolerate somebody like this as president of the Bundesrat!"

The Social Democrats although said they would walk out of the legislature every time Mr Kampl took his seat...