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Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Israeli Nazi cell

“It is difficult to believe that Nazi ideology sympathisers can exist in Israel, but it is a fact,” said Major Revital Almog, the police officer in charge of the year-long investigation that began when vandals daubed swastikas and Hitler’s name on synagogues in Petah Tikva, near Tel Aviv.

"The cell members adopted Hitler's ideology and created their own unique language which includes music, video clips, insignia, graffiti, and tattoos all depicting Nazi ideology," a police statement said.

Olmert on neo-Nazi gang: We failed as society

"We were all shocked and stunned," said Much, the son of the chief rabbi. "I do not view it as an affront to the rabbi, but as an affront to the country and the Jewish people."

Much ado about nothing when you consider the Nazi ideology is Zionism itself. It's too early perhaps to demonstrate that Nazism itself is just another offshoot of Zionism.

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