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Friday, 21 September 2007

Greenspan Admits Federal Reserve Bank Is Not Beholden To Any Government Agency

This week, former chairman of the Fed Reserve Alan Greenspan in an interview aired on PBS’ News Hour was asked by Jim Lehrer what should be the proper relationship between a chairman of the Fed and The President of the United States. In a shockingly honest tone Greenspan replies,

"Well, first of all, the Federal Reserve is an independent agency, and that means, basically, that there is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take. So long as that is in place and there is no evidence that the administration or the Congress or anybody else is requesting that we do things other than what we think is the appropriate thing, then what the relationships are don't, frankly, matter.”

This issue with the Fed being above government is one of the key things We The People need to understand in order to wake up to the awful situation that we have found ourselves in. Our wealth, our labor, and anything we gain buy being productive has been stolen from us since the Federal Reserve took over our money system in the 1913.

Most people believe the Fed to be a government agency overlook by the President of the United States. Others fully believe the statements of Mr. Greenspan but don’t really understand what it means to have an “independent agency” (i.e. private banks) be above The Presidency, The Congress and Senate, and the Supreme court of the United States. This power to create money has been given over to a group of businessmen not beholden to our U.S Constitution; a document to protect our God given freedoms from tyranny. Hopefully enough of our rising generation can learn this sad truth and vote to return the power to regulate money back into the hands of those to whom it belongs…We The People.

The Many Faces of Alan Greenspan

I am absolutely sick to death of reading about the federal interest rate. Don't they understand that no matter how many times they talk about it, no matter how much they explain it, they are never in any danger of getting me to understand or care about it?

Every story about the federal interest rate is invariably accompanied by a picture of Alan Greenspan's craggy face looking pensive, thoughtful, sad, etc. The interest rate drops (or rises, whichever is worse) and you get a picture of Greenspan massaging his forehead with a thoughtful look on his face. The interest rate stays the same and Greenspan will be pointing at something or just looking kind of bored.

Sometimes Greenspan will appear sad and droopy like a puppy who just crapped on the rug. He's at that crucial stage in puppy cognitive development where he knows that he has done something wrong, but he just can't help it. He's still a puppy, you see?

If things get good and the interest rate goes down (or up, whichever is better), you will, at best, get a picture of Alan Greenspan looking mildly shocked.

I can't speak for all Americans, but I'm going to anyway: Not only do we not care about the interest rate. We don't understand it. We never will. Those few Americans who do understand it certainly don't seem to have the same emotional investment in this silly made up percentage that Alan Greenspan does. So the end result it creating a sense of connection between the casual reader (read: me and other dumb Americans) and Alan Greenspan's well being.

When I read a story about the interest rate and there isn't an image attached I just wonder how it's affecting Alan Greenspan. If I don't see a picture and the news seems bad I think, "Oh man, I wonder how Al is taking it." Alan Greenspan seems like a nice enough guy and I don't want him to be unhappy. If the only affect of the interest rate is to affect Alan Greenspan's mood (and as far as my second grade level of understanding goes, it just may be) then I want nothing but good things for the interest rate. I couldn't wish sadness, despair and heartache on that poor old man.

His obvious emotional ties summon a multitude of questions. Does he control the interest rate? Why is he so sad when it goes up (or down)? It looks like he's disappointed in himself. Is he just the interest rate's biggest fan? Does he watch the interest rate like a sports fan and subsequently cheer when it does well and get upset when it fails?

One possibility is that Alan Greenspan is a type of cyborg that is somehow directly linked to a computer feeding him a never-ending string of numbers, representing all manner of global monetary transactions. Another possibility (and this is probably the most likely) is that he is merely a fictional character, an embodiment of the Federal Interest Rate, a mascot if you will. He is the Spuds MacKenzie of the Federal Interest Rate. All he really needs is a snappy catch phrase. I suggest: "Hey, who's interested?"

I prefer to imagine the latter hypothesis, that he is a human embodiment of the interest rate the puts a human emotion on it so that the rest of America can understand it. While that may be a little far-fetched it is probably closer to the truth than anything else I have managed to uncover.

So why not create a system whereby a scale of Alan Greenspan expressions is used to determine the current state of the interest rate? It would be simple enough. As far as I can tell, Alan Greenspan has fewer than seven facial expressions. Why not code a simple program to run on your average Windows XP computer in the same fashion as Weatherbug? That way you could simply glance down at your system tray and make note of the day's weather and the state of the federal interest rate. All in one glance!

Greenspan Publicly Shamed for Intentionally Destroying Dollar

were grabbed by police and forced out of the building after criticizing Greenspan for "destroying the country." Individuals who waited in line to ask Greenspan a question were told that there were "no interviews" by event handlers, who then signaled for police to take over.

Nate Evans was grabbed by more than four officers after criticizing the "Federal" private bank Greenspan previously headed. Other activists confronted Alan Greenspan as he left the event, giving him a public shaming for acting on behalf of his globalist masters.

While the globalist-controlled mainstream media rewards economic sabotage by portraying Greenspan and other financiers as economic 'saviors,' it is refreshing to know that many others are standing up in defiance of deliberate devaluation.

Ron Paul Confronts Fed Chair on Deliberately Destroying the Dollar

Ron Paul has slammed Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke for deliberately depreciating the value of the dollar to artificially bail out Wall Street while poor and middle class people lose their homes and have their living standards lowered.

During a Banking Committee hearing on Capitol Hill today, the Texas Congressman confronted Bernanke and accused the Fed of trying to solve the problem of inflation with more inflation by creating artificially low interest rates that have no effect because of the dollar's weakness.

Watch the video.

Paul questioned how it could ever be morally justifiable to deliberately depreciate the dollar and pointed out the fact that the dollar collapse was a deliberate policy on behalf of the Fed.

Bernanke, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Alan Greenspan have all been busy bad-mouthing the dollar over the past few weeks even as major players like China and Saudi Arabia consider dumping US treasuries, a move that would immediately trigger a dollar meltdown.

Ron Paul identifies the true culprits of the planned economic implosion while the establishment media and the yuppies celebrate the hollow "solution" of an interest rate cut that has no substantive benefit and only increases the risk of another depression by sinking the dollar to historic lows and ensuring foreign holders of US debt run for the door at breakneck speed.