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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

US military said to have establishest 'hit-gang' hunting dissident US GIs

Green Zone Follies
“Growing discontent among the grunts here about certain very ugly stories, mostly true, of murders of soldiers and increasing suicides. Also, ‘fragging’ of dictatorial officers and NCOs are increasing.

Whenever you see ‘The death is currently under investigation’ .you know it was probably either a murder by the military or a suicide. They have a small gang attached here whom no one knows anything about but very strong and enduring rumor has it that they are an official ‘hit gang’ who go around offing GIs who are viewed as trouble makers or those who might talk too much if rotated.

And one of the reasons for increasing suicides is that fact that once here, you almost always stay here or, if sent home, it’s for a very short period of time and then back into the maw of the great death machine. Any grunt who dares to bitch or, most especially, to trash mouth Bush is looking for a “sniper’s bullet’ through the head.

Last week we lost three helicopters and eleven men but I see by looking at the DoD sites that only one was reported.

I would safely say the death toll is at least double what is reported and I know why the injury lists are never, ever, published. More...