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Friday, 3 August 2007

Netanyahu: Golan ours forever

Syria's Assad repeats call for return of Golan Heights from Israel
Syrian president Bashar al-Assad returned to the controversial issue of the Golan Heights in a speech to mark the 62nd anniversary of the Syrian army's creation. "Our desire for peadce does not mean that we have given up our rights," said Assad in the speech, published in the journal "Army of the People".

Assad said Syria still wanted to return to the borders it had before June 4, 1967 before the Six

Day War, when it occupied all of the Golan Heights.

Netanyahu: Golan ours forever

Israel will keep the Golan Heights forever, Benjamin Netanyahu said. The Israeli opposition leader made his prediction Tuesday during a pre-recorded address broadcast at 30th anniversary celebrations for Katzrin, a major Golan town.