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Friday, 24 August 2007

Hillary’s “New War”

Come November, 2008, Democrats will, not unlike pre-programmed Stepford wives, line up behind Hillary Clinton. Democrats have no other choice, as most of them are disgusted with two terms of Bush, that is to say the neocons. Of course, Hillary is not much different, maybe in minor style but hardly in substance, and a vote for Hillary—call it the Clinton dynasty, following on the heels of the Bush dynasty—will be a vote for more mass murder and incalculable misery.

Democrats will naturally minimize this, as they will be in great numbers superficially satisfied with Clinton over Bush, never mind there is but a speck of difference between the two. Few Democrats complained when Bill Clinton bombed Serbia with depleted uranium because this crime was sold as a “humanitarian effort,” as the invasion of Iraq was sold as the liberation of the Iraqi people, most who now pine for the good old days of Saddam Hussein. Kurt Nimmo