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Thursday, 23 August 2007

Hawaii's Citizenry Outraged Over Depleted Uranium Poisoning

Some researchers say that DU, which has been listed by the U.N. as a weapon of indiscriminate destruction and banned by the Geneva Convention and several international treaties has been used by the U.S. military in the both Gulf Wars. Many claim it is a cause of Gulf War Syndrome and the reason why cancers, leukemia and birth defects have skyrocketed in Iraq since 1991.

There is suspicion that DU might have been used or is currently being used here on Hawai`i Island, at the Pohakuloa Training Base, and that has many residents alarmed, especially in light of the recent discovery of DU spotting rounds and tail assemblies at Schofield Barracks on O`ahu. "The whole point is that we might have a Gulf War in our backyards," said concerned citizen Mayumi Oda.

"We can't say how contaminated Pohakuloa is but we know Schofield has it. We don't have a hidden agenda. We are looking out for our health and safety," confirmed Shannon Rudolph, another member of a West Hawai`i group focused on the issue.