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Thursday, 16 August 2007

Hardball: Pro-war vet says we invaded Iraq because we needed it as a base

Chris Matthews presented a debate Tuesday over reviving the draft between conservative Iraq War veteran Mark Finelli and veteran John Bruhns of Americans Against Escalation in Iraq.

Finelli started off by arguing that the war effort has been poorly planned and poorly equipped because the "elite of this country don't have a vested personal interest in winning the war." He stated his belief that if the middle class was subject to a draft, the excuse that "we don't have enough money" for proper equipment would no longer be heard.

"George Bush took us into war on a fallacy," Bruhns began. "He took us in there under-equipped -- I totally agree with Mark on that -- under-manned, no plan to win the peace. He managed the war with utter incompetence." However, when asked if a draft might bring a quick end to the war, Bruhns replied, "Over 70% of the American people are against this war. I could not endorse trying to force people to go over and fight George Bush's war against their will." Raw Story