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Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Giuliani Campaign: Giuliani Details Commitment to Protect America’s Children

Mayor Rudy Giuliani made stops in Davenport and Clinton, Iowa today and continued to detail his commitment to protect the quality of life for America’s children. While visiting Scott Community College in Davenport and meeting with local law enforcement officials in Clinton, Rudy outlined his plans to combat drug use and stop sexual predators.

As part of his commitment, the Mayor proposes increasing federal involvement to pursue sexual criminals, including the full implementation of the Adam Walsh Act of 2006, and aggressively going after child predators online. In addition, Giuliani will use diplomatic influence to combat international child pornography and human trafficking.

As President, Mayor Giuliani will also advance a program to combat illegal drug use, while improving anti-drug education for students and sustaining federal funding for drug abuse prevention initiatives. Giuliani is committed to better coordinating the efforts of federal, state and local authorities to more effectively fight drugs.

“It’s important we keep our communities safe and that begins with protecting the quality of life for our children,” Mayor Giuliani has said. “It’s something I learned as a U.S. Attorney, Associate Attorney General, and Mayor of New York City. As President, I am committed to aggressively pursuing child predators, taking measures to protect our children from violent crimes and helping reduce and prevent drug abuse.” More...
God save us from those who want to protect our children