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Sunday, 5 August 2007

Escort offers services to private military contractors in Iraq

The divide between uniformed soldiers and private military contractors is about to get wider.

In a posting this week on an adult Web site, "Tori of Atlanta" offers her services to private contractors deploying to Iraq. On the Erotic Review site, Tori says she will be in the Middle East for three months, including a stint in Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone.

"I am in a unique position of entertaining from a secured compound," she writes, later inviting contractors to visit her Web site for details on "setting aside a few moments to enjoy some R&R... American style. Sandstorms, Camels, heat and protective gear... now a quick reminder of home!!"
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But uniformed troops need not apply. Tori closes her posting with this stipulation:

"My apologies but at this time I am UNABLE to plan any meetings w/ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY. (*The members of PMC community has an exclusive arrangement during this visit*) Kisses, Tori." MORE...