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Monday, 6 August 2007

Bush, Karzai Target Afghan Security Woes

Karzai, Afghanistan's first democratically elected president, is awash in crises at home _ civilian killings, a booming drug trade and the brazen resurgence of the Taliban.

His two-day visit to Bush's mountain retreat, which culminates Monday, is a time for the leaders to figure out how to improve Afghanistan's security. Karzai wants support and reassurance from Bush, who in turn wants Karzai's government to exert and extend its power.

The deteriorating security and sporadic rule of law in Afghanistan set a tone for the summit _ a point underscored by the ongoing captivity of 21 South Korean volunteers. More...

Memo to Bush and Karzai: you cannot win a ground war from the air, period, end of discussion.
And no one in NATO is really big on sending more of their troops into this particular meat grinder.