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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Another Bush Loving Troll About To Become Wikipedia Administrator

Crockspot, a homophobic conservative nazi is being voted in as admin as I post this message. This provides the link to the page in question. Having this cockroach transform from an impotent bottom feeder into a person with power would seriously damage Wikipedia's reputation. Cockroachspot would go on a facist rampage and ethnic cleansing of anyone who doesn't distort information into his twisted Bush agenda POV. Go by and vote as soon as possible if you're a member. If not, registration takes about thirty seconds. If you care about not being misinformed every time you google anything having to do with politics-then don't just vote but email anyandeveryone you can. Trust me, your friends will show up by the dozens--and we only need a few dozen more to put the nail in his coffin.