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Monday, 27 August 2007

AIPAC trial date moved AGIAN

Wow is what most of you are saying right now. Followed by a 'figures' . So what it is that 7 times? 8 times? it has been "postponed?" I don't even remember. Don't hold your breath folks there won't be a trial this year. Please find somethng to hurl across the room. The next trial date is set in 2008.

They are simply going to have their war with Iran before these scumbags ever have a trial.

Write this day on your calendars (in pencil) January 14, 2008 that is the new new new new new new new date of the trial.

Israel gets caught with e spy ring in the US The third one actually since 2001 and what does the US do? We do this and hand Israel 30 billion dollars. This trial for AIPAC is very simple the crooks were caught red handed by the FBI on tape getting top secret documents from an official (Larry Franklin) who has already been sentenced to almost 13 years in jail for it. Now you see the person giving the documents gets in trouble and swiftly but the Israeli lobby, oh no they have not even had a trial.

I don't feel like even writing this again because it is like the 8th time so just go here if you somehow don't know what the AIPAC trial is about.

I just can't believe this. Paul Craig Roberts is going to talk about the lobby on the Mike Rivero show Saturday I will be calling in to give my expertise on it. I will get up at 5am Japan time just to do that. I'm am sure they will bump me up to the front of the line. You are going to want to tune in to that show. Oh it's on. It is on.