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Tuesday, 3 July 2007

White House: Libby Pardon Not Off the Table

Remember when Bush was Governor of Texas? All those executions, the "express-lane" death penelty, the way Bush mocked convicted murderer Karla Fay Tucker on TV?

And now we are supposed to believe that Dubya is starting to feel sorry for Scooter Libby?

No way. No @#$%ing way!

Mr. Libby (actually Zionist Neocohn War Criminal Liebowitz) has the goods on Bush and Cheney. Mr. Libby knows that the REASON Valerie Plame was outed was as part of a larger program to keep Plame's Husband, Ambassador Joe Wilson, from calling further attention to the documents on which rested the claim that Iraq was purchasing uranium from Niger; documents which were obvious and clumsy forgeries.

So Scooter Libby obviously sent a message to Bush to get him off the hook, or Libby would start blabbing. No doubt Scooter has his dead man's switch well and truly in place, because as Manuel Noriega can tell you, one does not blackmail the Bush family with impunity.

As a final note, in all the manisntream media's coverage, no, the hard sell of Scooter's pardon, not one major network has mentioned those forged Niger documents and the Presidents now-discredited claim regarding Iraq's uranium purchases. Not one!