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Monday, 2 July 2007

Vanunu to return to prison for 'violating the terms of his parole'

The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court has sentenced nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu to six months in jail for violating the terms of his parole.

Vanunu, a former technician at Israel's nuclear plant near the southern town of Dimona, spent 18 years in prison for giving details of the country's atomic program to British newspaper "Sunday Times" in 1986.
Some two months ago, Vanunu was convicted of 14 parole violations including contacts with journalists and attempts to leave Israel proper to go to Bethlehem, which is in the West Bank

But the fucker who serves as President of this "democracy' can rape and sexually harass at least 8 women, and get off free..... and the Prime Minister can be investigated for corruption and still stay in office and keep serving, knowing that he will NEVER be formally accused. Some Democracy!