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Saturday, 28 July 2007

US to pay for FBI set-up

A JUDGE has ordered the US Government to pay a record $US101 million ($116 million) for the FBI's role in the wrongful murder convictions of four men, condemning a cover-up that ran "all the way up to the FBI director".

Two of the men, Henry Tameleo and Louis Greco, died in jail after being wrongly convicted of the 1965 gangland murder of a low-level mobster. Two others, Peter Limone and Joseph Salvati, were exonerated in 2001, prompting the filing of a civil lawsuit. Limone was released after 33 years in prison; Salvati had been paroled in 1997.

At the time of the murder, the FBI under its director J. Edgar Hoover was zealously committed to crippling the Mafia, and, the judge said, the four men were treated as "acceptable collateral damage". More....