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Sunday, 29 July 2007

U.S. erects more walls to isolate Baghdad quarters

U.S. troops have isolated certain quarters in the neighborhood of Dora with concrete slabs, blocking the passage of vehicles.

Residents now vent their fury on U.S. troops, accusing the military of turning their neighborhood into a big prison.

Doura is one of the most violent areas in Baghdad and repeated U.S. military forays have failed to pacify it.

Residents said at least three districts were now completely cut off, leading to shortages of food and vegetables.

Cars are not allowed to enter or leave these areas making it difficult for patients to visit hospitals and shop owners to replenish supplies.

"These measures have caused a lot of problems for us. We are under fire now from all sides. Mortars and bombs by rebels and terrorists continue falling over our heads while U.S. troops have turned our areas into a big prison," said Abu Saif. More...