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Sunday, 1 July 2007

Smoking is better than Fascism

The man behind the ban on smoking in pubs and enclosed public spaces hasn't finished yet. He wants to extend prohibition to private homes.

From today, smokers will have to huddle outside in the rain like miserable outcasts because cigarettes have been banned from almost every enclosed public space. But the war is far from over: even in victory the enemies of nicotine intend to show no mercy, fining companies that let their employees drop butts and even hunting down addicts to their own homes.

The Government's top smoking adviser is calling for a new government tobacco task force that can identify anyone who still dares to puff away in apparent privacy and persuade, cajole or bully them into quitting. "We can apply powerful social pressure on parents not to smoke in the house. It must be completely taboo for parents to smoke indoors when there are children present," said Professor Robert West of University College London. "We're talking about thousands of children whose health is adversely affected by passive smoking." London Independent