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Sunday, 22 July 2007

Goebbels alive and well

Alan Dershowitz, the self styled Saviour of Zionism, the man who advocated use of torture and other horrors, now threatens the whole world with nuclear attack on Iran. This 'intellectual' mouthpiece for AIPAC has been on a crusade for what seems forever against any voice of reason that dares criticize the genocidal policies of of the rogue state Israel, he is given a nice profile by the Zionist Porn Owners of Wikipedia, the so-called encyclopedia. Any criticism of the Zionist Goebbels is of course antisemitism. Like someone said: "I'd like to know who the "We" are that Dershowitz keeps talking about. Why is a threat to Israel considered a threat to the US? What vital US interest is there in Israel? Is my copy of the Constitution missing an Article or Amendment regarding our allegiance to Israel? I just don't get it!!"