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Thursday, 7 June 2007

Merchants of Death, The Politics of Perpetual Fear

As the would-be presidents continue to polish their messages we begin to see a clear delineation between the parties. Two nights ago we saw the democrats speaking about ending the endless war campaign of George Bush, concentrating on our own problems in THIS country. Talking about long-forgotten priorities such as healthcare, education and civil liberties. Supporting the troops by insisting they come home alive.

Then the nine neo-cons and Ron Paul took the stage tonight and presented the other side. The delusional side. The fearful side. The dark side. These were not politicians tonight. They were snake oil salesmen, selling the only product they have left to win elections anymore, fear. I exempt Ron Paul from the gang of nine, because he was the only sane voice in the cloud of testosterone in New Hampshire tonight. He was the only true conservative voice again, talking about less government and a non-interventionist foreign policy. The only person who seemed to get it; that you cannot force democracy through the barrel of a gun.