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Sunday, 24 June 2007

Arab Misleaders back Abbas Eban and Moshe Dahlan

Notice (Video below) how little Hitler Amr Moussa or is it Amr Moshe? squeaks:
"We are seeking a national unity in Palestine and we stand against the events that we have witnessed in the last days," Amr Moshe. bullshitting the Arab masses, said that Arab nations want to "serve the Palestinian cause, and not one faction against another." What Arab Nations? I may ask? The Filthy Saudis? The Pigs in Jordan or the Swines in Egypt? Or are we talking about the Psychopaths of North Africa? The government rejects "any dissent or defiance to the legitimate authority" meaning and stressed "the necessity to protect the Palestinian National Authority and its President Mahmoud Abbas," spokesman Nasser Judeh (Read Judah) said in a statement carried by the official Petra news agency. Top Freemason and Satanist Jordan's King Abdullah called Abbas to express sadness for the situation in Gaza and called for an immediate end to the infighting, Petra reported. Egypt has beefed up security on its border with Gaza to prevent any mass influx of Palestinians,- meaning families to join each other Long term, it faces the possibility that the impoverished coastal strip of 1.4 million people - already awash in weapons - could become a breeding ground of militancy that could bleed over the porous border. Close to 100 Fatah officials crossed into Egypt from Gaza Strip in the early hours Friday, fleeing the Hamas takeover, Egyptian police said. Egypt's state MENA news agency quoted Saudi's foreign minister Prince Saud al-Faisal as asking the Arab League in dismay whether Palestinians had forgotten a commitment made in Mecca earlier this year to "unite and never to fight." Arab states face a tough choice on how to deal with Gaza. They could try to engage with Hamas leaders in a bid to salvage some form of unity government - but emboldened Hamas militants may be even less likely now to make concessions. The alternative is a harder line, isolating Gaza and Hamas, a policy likely to plunge the territory deeper into poverty and turmoil.