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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Neo-con election engineering: the "new math":

France: Nicolas Sarkozy 53% Segolene Royal 47%
Mexico: Felipe Calderon 35.88% Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador 35.31%
USA: George W. Bush 50.7% John Kerry 48.3%
Peru: Alan Garcia 53.2% Ollanta Humala 46.8%
Costa Rica: Oscar Arias 40.5% Otton Solis 40.2%
Colombia: Alvaro Uribe 62% Carlos Gaviria/Horacio Serpa 34% (Only 43% of eligible voters cast ballots)
Italy: Romano Prodi 49.81% Silvio Berlusconi 49.74% (Karl Rove and other manipulators failed to take into account the votes of Italians voting abroad, pre-election polls showed Prodi leading 52% to 47%)
Scotland Alexander Salmond (SNP) 37% Jack McConnell (Labor) 36.2% (100,000 spoiled ballots in pro-SNP constituencies)
Wales Rhodri Morgan (Labor) 43.3% Ieuan Wyn Jones (Plaid Cymru)/Michael German (Liberal Democrat) 35%
Canada: Stephen Harper 36.2% Paul Martin (Liberal) 30.17%/Jack Layton (NDP) 17.44%
Greece: Kostas Karamanlis 45.4% George Papandreou 40.5%
Denmark: Andres Fogh Rasmussen and right 52.5% Mogens Lykketoft and left 43.4%
USA: George W. Bush 47.9% Al Gore 48.4%
Florida: George W. Bush 48.850% Al Gore 48.841%
Virginia: Bob McDonnell (R.) 49.96% Creigh Deeds (D.) 49.95% (Attorney General)

Solution: Destroy the machines and the companies that produce and sell them.