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Friday, 6 April 2007

Old Big Brother Had A Farm, E - I - ID - O

Gulag USA

In one of the latest outrages, officials in Wisconsin are demanding that all farmers accept government farm ID numbers by May 1st, or risk being prevented from selling their products and facing fines. In an echo of fascism from the 1930's, the program is to be enforced by government-enlisted and directed private dairy product manufacturers and some local officials.

As Family Farm Defenders reported, "Dairy farmers in particular have been warned by the state that if they are not in the system by May 1st they could lose their license to sell milk. Rather than deploying agriculture inspectors or state troopers to impose this measure, the Doyle administration has opted to 'draft' dairy plants and milk haulers as its enforcement agents. Worse yet, the state is forging ahead even though it is not federally required to do so."