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Saturday, 21 April 2007

Israeli Senator Eldad spells out future plans

Jewish Leader Warns of 'Prophecies' War' - Israeli Senator
Sacrificing Israel to the Islamist Juggernaut Will Invoke The Lord's Wrath (intro begins 2 min into tape, speech begins at 4 min 30 sec) Israeli nationalist leader, Knesset Senator and Jerusalem hosptial burns-surgeon Dr. Arye Eldad appeals to:

1) Islamists to stop pursuing apocalyptic strategy on the possibility of destroying the world on the basis of a nihilistic, Hojjatieh messianism- on the possibility they might be dead wrong;

2) Americans that Islamists have foisted an imperialist WWIII against democracies. Westerners must warn Washington against a passive 'unholy alliance' of confederacy towards Iranian nuclear proliferation for political expediency; Military action now can avert a greater armageddon from an Islamist Pakistan and Iran.

3) Israelis to implement an administration with the vision to understand the spiritual nature of the conflict and defend in kind;

4) To the world to understand that the nature of the global conflict is based not on the red-herring of Palestinian territorial occupation (terminated in Gaza), but on Islamist imperialism (exemplified by Iran proxy-war by Hezbollah from Lebanon).