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Sunday, 22 April 2007


“Lies got us into this war. Only the truth will get us out.”

"How are nations ruled and led into war? Politicians lie to journalists and then believe those lies when they see them in print."
—Austrian journalist Karl Kraus, explaining the causes of the First World War.

The Best War Ever, by the best-selling authors of Weapons of Mass Deception, is a vital account of why America is losing in Iraq and the Middle East. We have met the enemy—and it's our own PR machine. One of the most tragic consequences of the Bush administration's reliance on spin, the authors argue, is its disdain for realistic planning. Repeatedly, when faced with predictions of problems, policymakers dismissed the warnings of Iraq experts, choosing instead to promulgate their own version of the war through conservative media outlets and PR campaigns. And as the book reveals, they're still doing it—as the people who sold us the war in Iraq are now trying to sell an expansion into Syria and Iran.

How America defeated itself in Iraq -- by believing its own spin.