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Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Empire in the Ditch

Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.~ Henry A. Kissinger

Things are starting to get interesting. Global markets, puffed up by the Feds’ loose fiscal policy, took a nosedive the other day, sending ripples of fear through investors. The mortgage industry, after years of irresponsible lending practices, is being wheeled to intensive care. Our troop "surge" in Iraq is producing an all-too predictable wave of violence, and our soldiers in Afghanistan are bracing for a brutal summer offensive by the Taliban.

The casual observer could be excused for wondering if anyone is steering this ship. And if so, do they have a plan? Is there a method to this madness?.

The answers to these questions can be found, in my opinion, by examining the needs and wants of our ruling class. Any honest analysis of history reveals one sober axiom: All statist political systems exist primarily to perpetuate the power and privilege of the elites who control the system. This axiom is true even for those systems that claim to oppose class-based privilege.